Collection of varnishes for a French manicure was released 1976 Jeff Kick, the founder of the company ORLY. The first issue nails in this style became Hollywood Actresses. It fits almost any outfit and looks stylish.

First French manicure performed in the discreet style – pale pink or beige color on the main nail plate and white nail grown part of the nail, which you can draw a straight strip or the smooth arc. It depends on the shape of nails and desire. By the way this design and now enjoys great popularity, as it is suitable for daily working rhythm, to the business environment of the office, the official receptions, where all the attention should not attract the eye-popping nails. French manicure, differently French, and can be recommended as the young, women and older.

Manicure in this style is quite under force to make at home by yourself. Big skill to master and it does not need. Moreover, now you can buy in cosmetic stores special sets for a French manicure. The set includes the stickers for registration smile line, basic neutral hue, white lacquer, white pencil, orange sticks. All this is quite enough for the first steps in the initial training.

First of all it is necessary to prepare nails to the design of French French. Remove the old coating varnish, nail file, the correct nails, give them the desired length and shape. Apply to cuticle a special composition for not trim the nail Polish. After cuticle was softened, orange stick or nail tool to gently move it to the base of the nail. Tweezers to remove burrs (if any) , the cornified dead skin around the sides of the nail plate. Cover the nails basic Foundation, which protects them from the adverse environment, makes the main coating is more durable.

At the next stage, the time use paper labels for registration smile line. Pasting stencils, we must note that the strip along the edge of the nail should be no more than 5 mm in width. If it is made wider, manicure lose elegance. Instead of paper stencils you can use the patch, insulating tape, Scotch, independently carving on them curved line of the necessary form. Cover the edge of the nail white painted in two layers. When completely dry second layer, one must carefully separate the stencil.

Do everything carefully, lubricating coating. Отросший edge of the nail from the inside with the «wrong side» shade of white. This will make manicure more neat. Afterwards, when it comes skill, you can opt out of stencils and apply a line just a thin brush, hand-to-eye. This is usually done in two stages: first, from one edge of the nail there is a fine line to the middle, then on the other hand the same way, only in mirror. The result should be a perfect semi-circle.

After that you can decorate nails main varnish – pink or beige. Women with a pale, white skin, perfect soft pink color, and those who have dark skin is a wonderful option would be a shade of beige. Finishing stage is the closing covering the nail plate fixer. It will give a manicure additional gloss and durability of the main varnish. In such colours is a classic French French.

However, the designers and the ladies not stopped at this style. Now the French manicure may be made in any colour scheme and, not only using two colors, but three or four contrasting shades.

For the holiday options in pole position are women who use the method of nail extension. French manicure in this case can be made into a more diverse design. For example, make a double line of a smile. This is when the free edge of the nail paint two colors – white and silver. You can choose any option other colors. Beautifully on long nails looks French, where the white line in the middle of a smile, as if dividing it in half, is applied a thin strip of contrasting shades, Golden, red and even black.

French manicure rainbow is different shades of paint. Each nail is painted in a different color. Here only it is necessary to adhere to the rule – around the fingernails must be present only or all cool colors (white, blue, lilac and so on) , or all warm (orange, yellow, red) .

French Millennium is when the tip of the nail not paint colored lacquer, and put on not dried up transparent varnish glitter, микропудру, rhinestones. Apply these prints need to tightly, so that the nail under the brilliant layer not shone.

Lunar French is French manicure «Vice versa». That is the smile line paint is not on the tip of the nail, and in its early growth, in the basis. Thin line in the form of a Crescent may be Golden, white, black. Whereas most of the nail plate is painted in a contrasting from Crescent color.

Art French – beautiful holiday option, giving full freedom of imagination in design. Free edge is decorated with a pattern of colors, patterns, abstract lines. Individual elements of the figure can go to the «territory» of the main nail plate. Each nail can be issued in his version of the picture, adhering to the same color and style.

Recently in manicure often use figure peas. It can be either in a major version and minor version. Pea draw colored, colorful, shiny. The background image can be any color.

French manicure, it will still be in fashion. Women appreciate it. A variety of nail design in this style knows no boundaries and many of the new come up with designers.


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