French pedicure called accurate lacquer coating on the nail plates having a thinly held in the white stripe directly along the edge of the women’s claw.

Although, such a pedicure usually not evident, however, it can give a female appearance special elegance.

This recalls the French pedicure manicure, however nail decoration is only part of it, while particular attention is paid to care for your feet and nails.

French pedicure at home is performed without the use of any special scissors – cuticle dissolves special composition and moves with wooden orange stick. Then, using cutting occurs correction of the form of the nail, which is fully covered by a colourless varnish. In addition, you can use a coating of pastel colors. In conclusion, the white line is applied (2-3 mm) .

Before applying the lacquer, you should do a small foot peel with foot massage. To do this, apply a moisturizer.

If you want to know how to do a French pedicure, read with special rules that have to comply with.

Nails should be cut not too short. In other words, at the level of the skin of the legs. In addition, neatly rounded off edges with the help kusachek or manicure scissors.

Large files nail plates подпиливаются thus, in order to have no clues or scarring. Then it is recommended to align the nail surface with a polishing or regular files and sanded it. The nails should be smooth and bright.

The next step is to use a fat cream, which is applied lightly to the nail plate and the toes. Special attention should be paid to the wells (strips, which are at the base of the nail) .

Feet should be put in a bath filled with warm water. It should be soapy. To get more good effect, it is recommended to add essential oils to mitigate and prepare legs to the pedicure.

On your feet apply emollient cream.

For your feet should care using pumice, crab or bilateral scraper (very carefully) .

Cuticle moves with wooden sticks, after which the toes are rinsed in cold water and dried with a towel.

In the process of applying moisturizer on your feet and fingers to receive massage and moisturize the whole foot to the ankles.

Then you need to take a paper towel and use it to remove excess cream to degrease the nail plate. This is very suitable tool for paint removal.

Following these simple steps, it’s time to do to the French pedicure.

To create such a pedicure need a transparent varnish as a basis, Matt lacquer white, pearl beige finish coat (or rose) , a fixer, a wand or a brush tool to paint removal, a cotton pad or sticks, pencil white.

On the nail plate is applied a transparent lacquer and dried for some time. Then stick or brush on the edge of the nail is applied white band. When small «mistakes» you need to remove them using a cotton swab, which is preliminarily wetted with liquid removers. The line should be about 3 mm in the Similar way you want to handle all the nails.

After drying strips is applied on top beige paint.

On the last stage of work on the nail plate is applied fixer.

To understand that the layers of dry, white pencil or a cotton swab in advance dampened with removers whiten place under the nails.

Thus, the French pedicure you can easily do yourself. For this purpose does not have to visit a beauty salon and leave a large amount of money.


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