желтые ногти на руках и ногахNail condition indicates the degree of well-groomed woman, but her health. And yellowness does not add to the shop, on the contrary, looks like such a sight, at least, not very appealing. This is not to mention the fact that the yellow nails on the hands and feet may indicate the flow in the body of serious diseases. About what could be the cause yellowing of the nails and how to deal with this problem, we talk on the website Beauty-Hands.ru.

With the discovery of this problem the first thing you should pay attention to the external factors that could cause yellowing of the nail plate. Because external impact on the nails were not always favorable. So it is quite possible that by excluding the negative impact of the environment, you can easily solve the problem.

Among the external factors that could provoke a change in the color of the nail, include:

  • frequent use of nail Polish and nail Polish remover poor quality
  • household chemicals
  • non-or, rather, the resin, contained in the cigarette smoke)
  • ultraviolet

These causes yellow nail – external factors, the removal of which allows you to return to a normal healthy color of the nail plate.

желтые ногти на рукахRefusal of varnishes, especially in bright colours enable the nails breathe and oxygenated, due to the lack of which was to change their color. So, at least for a while, you stop to get involved bright decorative coatings, preferring hygienic manicure and pedicure. And after a while you’ll see a considerable improvement of the nail.

Yellow nails on the hands of the smoker can change the color of the nail plate at refusal of bad habits, which negatively affect not only the color of the nail, but also on the whole organism. If fully quit Smoking does not work, then you need to minimize the number of contacts nicotine and tar with hands.

The reasons for yellow nails: health problems

If, eliminating all the factors affecting the nails from the outside, you don’t get a proper result, the cause of yellow nail lies much deeper, and you urgently need expert advice. Only he, having established the true cause of such changes and stating diagnosis, can prescribe the right treatment for yellow nails. And our website Beauty-Hands.ru draws your attention to it. And about diseases of the nails will tell you article.

желтые ногти на ногахThe most common disease in which the yellow nails, is a fungus. This is a problem not only aesthetic character. That is why one should not think that you can cope with fungal, which become yellow fingernails and toenails, without the help of a dermatologist. Very often there are situations in which the defeat of the nail plate is the only visible sign of the presence of disease, all other changes in the internal organs occur asymptomatically. So it is very important to start the treatment of fungus, in order not to worsen the situation. The choice of the most appropriate drugs is not possible without the tests, which will not only help identify the fungus, but also to establish its type and origin.

Another reason yellowing of the nail plate is a shortage in the body of zinc and iron. Install this reason it is possible only by blood test. Lack of zinc in the body can cause disturbances of metabolism and a significant reduction of body resistance to infections. In addition, individuals may completely change the taste sensations, and not for the better. And yellow toenails and hands – this is the first sign of lack of this element, which eventually joins hair loss, dermatitis and other symptoms.

About problems that may arise due to the lack of iron, probably say not worth it. After all, for sure, know that it is the main element, which is responsible for the formation of hemoglobin, which is oxygenation.

In addition yellow toenails and hands can talk about problems with the kidneys and the liver, lung disease, and diabetes. In any of these cases would not only require treatment for yellow nails, and recovery of the whole body. Otherwise you will not solve the problem of yellowness of the nail plate, and the disease will continue to develop in the body, affecting well-being and appearing new symptoms.

If you have a habit of often грызете nails, then you must learn the reason for its occurrence and how to get rid of it.

In any case, at the slightest suspicion of the presence of one of the above diseases, need expert advice (therapist, a dermatologist or other), and, of course, a blood test. The correct diagnosis only by the presence of one symptom impossible. However, the fact that the body is not all right, we know for sure. So the treatment should begin immediately.

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