обертывания для груди в домашних условиях

Another way to make Breasts more beautiful and younger, home body wraps that promise to tighten and strengthen the chest, and more precisely, the skin, which this chest supports. For wrapping need a special bandage that it is possible to replace a wide medical, “непаркое” blanket from the greatest natural materials, special or food film and very much a wide variety of food and not very products. Just before the course wraps would be useful to consult with a physician not to hurt yourself in the pursuit of beauty.

To wrap better, for the beginning it is necessary to thoroughly clean the skin of the breast from the dead skin, which does not need extra attention, but the most that care very even prevents, creating a virtually impenetrable barrier between the «living» skin and those extremely useful substances, that we’re going to apply it.

Choosing a scrub for skin of the breast, as in the case of facial skin, consider the peculiarities of your skin. For oily skin fit enough aggressive scrub, for example, a mixture of gel for washing with fine sea salt and brown or regular sugar. If the breast skin dry, corrosive salt and sugar can be replaced semolina and ground oatmeal, gel for washing, let it be maximally soft, but still good cleansing.

Treat breast skin resulting scrub, trying not to hurt the delicate skin of the nipple. Massage for a few minutes and rinse with warm water.

Firming treatment for breast with algae and milk

  • 1 liter of hot milk (you can use soy),
  • 200 grams of marine algae (kelp, fucus,…),
  • 2 tablespoons of sea salt food,
  • 2 tablespoons of honey.

Algae wash, scald with boiling water and pour the hot milk with salt, heat, stir and leave to infuse for about an hour or more. Then strain, once again heated to a pleasant breast skin temperature, add honey and all once again stir it well.

Pour it all into the flat bowl, lower it bandages, let them soak press and wrap the skin of the breast in a circle, can also be wrapped around the neck, forearms, abdomen… That is all the places where your skin lacking tone.

обертывания для груди в домашних условияхOver the bandages обмотайтесь special or regular food film and lie down under a light blanket of natural material, for example, from http://td-adel.ru/catalog/blanket/. Blanket should not create additional «greenhouse effect», its purpose is not to give you freeze with the wrapped a wet bandage-feeding. Tender and delicate skin of the breast does not like too high a temperature, so do not arrange for her synthetic steam room.

Treatment for breast firming and wrinkle

  • 1 liter of milk (you can soy),
  • 1/3 glass of fine white beans,
  • 7-10 grains almonds or almond flakes (2-3 tablespoons),
  • 1-2 tablespoons almond oil,
  • l of a glass of wheat flour (you can soy),
  • 2 tablespoons of sea salt food.

Beans and almonds wash, scald with boiling water, pour in hot milk, let cool and refrigerate for about a day. Then the beans together with almonds boil the milk until it becomes soft. For acceleration of cooking, you can add a teaspoon of baking soda.

обертывания для груди в домашних условияхLet the broth to cool, add the flour, sea salt, almond oil and whisk all the ingredients to liquid skin milk. If the mixture is too thick, add a little warm milk.

Use this mixture for wrapping as well as in the first recipe.

Course reinforcing wraps for the skin of the breast: twice a week (every 3-4 days), 10 procedures.

Possible contraindications, particularly allergic reactions.

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