Briefs is an integral part of every woman’s wardrobe. Any woman loves beautiful lingerie. But it must be quality. In it a woman needs to feel comfortable, seductive and attractive. How to choose the right model among the proposed range of shops?

Pick panties is in accordance with where you plan to wear. For example, linen casual wear and sports there are significant differences. The first must necessarily be made of natural fabrics and does not restrict movement. Sports products are usually made from polypropylene or polyester. They hold their shape well, do not slip and have a slight slimming effect. Every woman should have several sets of panties for different occasions.

When buying decorative models that are not suitable for everyday wear, pay attention to jewelry. Items such as rhinestones, beads, feathers, clasps, or rivets, must be properly secured. The decor does not have to scratch or RUB the skin. All products must be cotton gusset. High quality cheap women pants have smooth seams. Of them should not hang around the threads. Exists and seamless underwear. It is designed for tight-fitting clothes. It is very nice and comfortable to wear. Before buying a must-see. Do not buy too tight panties. A quality set you do not have to feel on the body.

As for hue underwear, there is need to adhere to a rule that says that panties should not be visible under clothes. It is better to wear jewelry to match the dress or the pants. You should buy several sets of white and black – they fit almost all my clothes.

The style of underwear you need to choose the type of shape and type of clothing. Now fashionable shorts are a good fit just for slim women. Thong or g-string is suitable for tight clothes – they will not stand out from under the thin fabric. As everyday you can use the slips – they look attractive and are comfortable to wear.

If you want to adjust the shape, then pay attention to the trousers that have the Empire waist. Some models have tight insert, which will make curves look more attractive and toned. The same qualities of special seamless panties.

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