женские прически для длинных волосLong hair pride on the one hand, and permanent torment on the other. Women’s evening hairstyles for long hair are diverse, but their creates a professional hairdresser. In everyday life, both at work and outside of it, ladies tend to not pay attention to the necessity of precise positioning. Limited to a horse’s tail or smooth beam, made in haste just before leaving home, you are really limited. Female hairstyles for long hair a lot, and it’s time to get to know them.

This is the feminine universe – we love to change without changing from the very childhood desperately experimenting with a mass of hair, inventing all new applications for their long hair. But with the passing years, bring about changes in our way. Affairs becomes more time for hair less, and many girls growing up, Bob off their hair, making practical grooming. Do not rush to shorten the length, maybe you can find something fresh and light in execution.

Women’s hairstyles for long hair every day

Casual hairstyles should not take too much time – this is the basic rule for them. At the same time, they should emphasize the beauty of the long hair, hide, that can be a real fashion crime.

Tails. High and low, they offer the comfort and do not require almost no effort. Try to avoid shapeless horse tails without a parting and texture of their hair. Attach the hair smooth and radiant or slightly подвивайте tips that are at the tail effectively break up. Get a personal bangs, direct and thick, diagonal or torn graduated. Bangs opens for hairstyles with long hair new opportunities, in addition, emphasizing beautiful eyes.

Beams. Classic business style with a hint of dance and ballet themes and hit 2013 hairstyles for long hair. For everyday life outside of working time, output or special cases, there is nothing more simple and creative surround the side of the beam, a hastily assembled. Beam-harness like girls, loving volumetric texture of hair styling. Vacation on the beach, in a cafe with friends, you can climb a bundle of thin ribbons, a silk scarf-caret and even jewelry.

The spit. The value of KOs for long women’s hair is impossible to overestimate. Unlike the tail, Xhosa, заплетенная the entire length of the hair, protects them from mechanical injury during the day, what to consider when choosing between one and the other type of piling. If you Packed by hand, don’t be embarrassed to wear a braid-crown around the head or a traditional spike called French oblique or the hair, «fish tail». If skills in master braiding hair without looking yet, make available the side of the spit, which are connected with tails, slightly начесанные and slightly messy enshrined thin elastic or own lock.

Business women’s hairstyles for long hair

Business fashion requires smoothness and laconism, which in the office are synonymous with professionalism. Even if the strict restrictions on expression hairstyles at work is not, do not tempt fate – leave their sexual freedom-loving curls for other cases.

Business beams, nodes and horse tails should be carefully chosen so as not to distract too much attention to your colleagues, clients and management. Wear in the office with a shallow side parted and the little halo yonder. If you like weaving, you can make one thick braid wrapped around her beam, fixing invisible. Perfect «Kolosok» with the hidden tip of the classic netting and no accessories. Carry the original low beams of bundles and of KOs.

Long, loose hair on the work of highly undesirable and should be booked at the top of the head, for example, type hairstyles «Malvina».

Womens evening hairstyles for long hair

Evening style is the embodiment of mystery and glamour, which often go hand in hand with minimalism peculiar style of business. That is why many hairstyles for office can easily adapt to the evening images – responsible for the difference perceptions takes outfit. But there are other traits evening hairstyles for long hair, which is peculiar only to them. This availability lock of his, hair pins with rhinestones and other accessories.

One of the most popular hairstyles for long hair is a Greek style that combines relative freedom, укрощаемую metal hoops or thin braids in the form of these hoops, and diadem.

Rakushka – simple and affordable hair style in its original form is not a favourite to young women. It really gives age, but avoid this very simply. You need to execute a shell for curly hair, leaving it free forehead area. The very same shell must be a little careless, then she come up and коктейльному dress, and along the prom, and discos.

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