Зимний уход за кожей и волосами: лучшие питательные средства

Winter came into its own, so it’s time to reconsider our beauty regime in favor of the power intensive moisture and maximum protection from negative environmental impact. If in the summer, our main task was to themselves to matting skin, now all on the contrary: heating, wind, frost and hidden in the clouds, but no less harmful sunrays cause unpleasant dryness, peeling and redness of the skin.

In addition, the hair all the time electrified, the tips of split ends, and the volume of the moment “blown away”. What to do? Read our beauty-overview and run for a miracle-news winter care. SPLETNIK.RU chose the most effective means.

So, winter overview-room pampering tools offers a rich Alpine eco-cream Forte Vitale from Swiss brand Swiss Line. Luxurious velvet product perfectly nourishes the dehydrated skin and protects it from aggressive environmental factors. A wholesome ingredients composition beauty novelties is striking: organic honey, beeswax, flower and fruit nectars, as well as exclusive Alpine Botanical complex.

In addition, yarrow improves blood circulation in the skin, cleans healing small wounds and fissures and forms a protective film on the skin. Wormwood helps to relieve the swelling, improve skin tone and inflammation. Jojoba oil slows down aging processes and forms on skin a special protective layer. The cream is used only plants grown without the use of fertilizers, pesticides, nitrates and herbicides.

It is important to note that Alpine creams can be applied to six years and with any type of skin, including the most sensitive one. This is an indispensable beauty weapons for residents of big cities and industrial towns. A very significant fact – such creams are absolutely safe in pregnancy.

Cold weather can, so faster we move further. Qualitative winter skin care is simply impossible without the unique cream Cellular Performance Hydrachange Cream brand Sensai. Ideally, all of the cells of the skin are working at maximum capacity. However, stress and solar radiation violate the internal mechanisms of rehabilitation processes and accelerate aging. So delicate cream-gel with extract silk was for us a real revolutionary discovery!

Acting at the cellular level, it is perfectly stimulates the synthesis of hyaluronic acid and fills skin with moisture, restoring its elasticity, smoothness and elasticity. We are fully convinced that after the first coat tool with a pleasant smell instantly creates a face protective film which protects your skin from peeling, redness and aging. Eventually, the skin becomes smooth as silk, and radiant.

A perfect storm of positive emotions in the wording of SPLETNIK.RU called protective nourishing cream from Clinique Comfort On Call, designed specifically for the harsh winters and very dry skin, prone to allergic reactions. Rich tool creates a reliable protective layer, which is guaranteed saves the skin from any negative factors. The most irritated, scaly and cracked skin becomes velvety and well-groomed. The feeling of comfort appears within the first seconds after application. Perfect cream for sensitive skin prone to dermatitis, redness and sensitivity and dryness. Note that in winter it is also suitable for normal and mixed skin.

In our December report we could not tell about the nutrient day cream Nutri-Gold of the line Luxury power” from the brand L’oreal, which neutralizes the negative effects of wind, frost and heating, enhancing the natural protective mechanisms of your own skin. In addition, this luxurious cream makes the skin radiant and silky. Beauty editor noted that after the first application of its very dry skin instantly became moist and soft. Nourishing effect was so persistent that it could work late into the night.

It turns out, the power of care saturated cream is enclosed in three nutrients, constituting exclusive concentrate. Patented complex Pro-Calcium restores the skin’s protective barrier, recreating the natural cell tissues. Royal jelly is a unique elixir, enriched with proteins, vitamins and lipids, which penetrates deep into the skin intensively nourishes it. Connection valuable oil rose, marjoram, chamomile, sweet orange return skin comfort and softness. An indispensable tool in the winter!

The daily winter care just can’t include a rich cream for very dry skin Aquasource brand Biotherm. After the first coat of nutrient funds from cellular water thermal plankton skin intensively moisturized the whole day. Plus, it becomes healthy and radiant. Lightweight with a gel-nice creamy texture melts on the skin, and the fantastic smell of mint, citrus, Jasmine and musk completes the pleasant impression of beauty-product.

Further, our review winter we tested very unusual means of OLAY Total Effects Moisturiser + Serum Duo. Imagine a miracle-a novelty is a combination of cream and serum against the first signs of ageing. The product is excellent tightens pores, smoothes tone, combats dryness and wrinkles and make the skin radiant. The whole secret to reveal: the cream contains many useful components like nicotinamide, acetylcysteine, glucosamine, glycerin and Pro-vitamin B5. Moreover, cream serum boasts a sun-protection filters wide action SPF20, anti-oxidants and fine-dispersed mineral pigments. Our verdict: the combination of cream and serum in a bottle is a good reason to purchase the product for the winter.

Our editorial staff is delighted to nutritious cream Himalaya for dry and sensitive skin of the face and body. Easy and low-fat product instantly provides round the clock moisture, nutrition and protection, and also has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effect. Miracle cream tones up, tightens pores and even slows down the skin aging. Note the valuable ingredients: aloe nourishes and moisturizes, and витания, птерокарпус and Centella protect the skin from environmental damage and dehydration. In General, cream permanently settled in our bags.

Move on to review the best winter night creams. Perhaps one of the most effective we can’t find at the Swiss brand Vetia Floris. Regenerating nourishing night cream Conditioning Night Cream contains extract of Magnolia and macadamia oil, baobab and rose petals, so that it can restore a youthful looking skin directly during sleep.

Thanks to the maximum concentration plant components Skinergium Bio (poppy extract) and Gatuline RC Bio (beech Bud extract), fine lines and wrinkles disappear even before the first morning. Delicate and airy cream guarantees necessary hydration, improves firmness and elasticity of the skin, smoothes the surface and fabulously heals. As a result, the skin literally radiates health and well-groomed. A real must-have on your bedside table!

Another night beauty hero winter cold – cream is Ideal Resource Overnight Cream of French brand Darphin. New white hibiscus and neroli oil launches recovery mechanisms in the skin, restores its natural radiance, fights wrinkles and stimulates cell renewal every night. As a result – smooth, radiant and moisturizing skin. The dream of any бьютиголика!

Next, we move to the luxurious winter сывороткам. Number one in our survey – hydrating serum Aquasource Deep Serum from brand Biotherm, which nourishes the skin with moisture, makes it supple, radiant and literally glowing from within. The product is impressive: cellular water thermal plankton accelerates the process of skin regeneration and natural monosaccharide mannose nourishes the skin with moisture to the depths.

By the way, the texture of the serum is a real fairy tale! Iridescent liquid in a beautiful vial sparkling freshness in application, is instantly absorbed, deeply moisturizes and leaves no residue. Note unique system of light scattering mother-of-pearl particles that make the skin and becomes fresh and radiant health.

Further in the review of funds for the winter care we will discuss one of three incredibly effective sera from line Bionic called Stem Cell Age Control from the Swiss brand Swisscode. The main and unrealistic revolutionary discovery care gamma – active concentrate of stem cells in the form of cosmetic products. Advanced complex reduces the smallest and the deep wrinkles. High concentration of active ingredients in perfect harmony with your skin, stimulating cell renewal and providing a perfectly smooth surface.

We were surprised to learn that the cocktail of natural stem cells – invisible shield for the skin, which protects it from the harmful influence of the environment and strengthens the regenerative capacity. Active components pleasantly shocked our editorial office: stem cells Edelweiss help maintain the natural moisture level and collagen in the skin. In addition, stem cells Gardenia жасминовидной also stimulate the production of collagen and make the skin smooth and fresh. Just two drops of the product on the face and neck after cleansing the skin easily fit in your beauty regime. Great novelty will help survive the harsh winter.

Winter time is the best time to try out new nutritious masks for facial skin. The most interesting novelties – cream mask from the brand Dior Le Grand Masque Dior Prestige for sensitive and delicate skin prone to микровоспалениям. Sensitive skin needs a regular inflow of oxygen and weekly “respite” from aggressive environment.

This exquisitely gentle mask with extract of unique гранвильской roses stimulates cellular respiration in the skin, providing the ideal level of oxygen saturation. The skin comes alive, updated and shines the life force. The shape of the face is becoming more clear, and skin more elastic. Magical beauty-a novelty from Dior you can use once or twice a week in the evenings instead of cream.

In winter fragile and tender age the skin suffers especially, but not in our power to help her. Eye cream Blue Therapy from Biotherm is a much needed winter beauty product, enriched with active extracts of marine plants and microorganisms. More precisely, extract of green-blue algae regenerates the skin around the eyes, laminaria extract Golden restores its natural beauty and pure thermal plankton strengthens and soothes.

Effective product fights wrinkles, bags under the eyes, loss of elasticity and dark circles on the eyes. Rich and melting texture of the cream is created specially for fine and delicate skin around the eyes. Non-sticky formula gives a feeling of freshness not leave greasy and perfectly matte skin, ideally preparing for applying makeup.

Winter is a great time to buy a new nutrient BB cream. Fortunately, our editorial got incredibly intense healthy ingredients and simultaneously light in texture BB cream Nutri-Gold with a protection factor SPF 20, vitamin C and Shea butter from the range of “Luxury power” from L’oreal. A miracle product fills the skin radiance, evens tone and reduces the adverse environmental impact. Plus, the tool has a universal tone and fantastic aroma. Note that BB cream came even for very dry skin, our beauty editor. In General, what we need in the Russian conditions of frosts.

It’s amazing how some brands are able to anticipate our desires. Of course, we want one cosmetic served not only saturated care, and makeup. And we managed to find an fabulous product! Nourishing cream Foundation Extra Comfort with a protection factor SPF 15 brand Clarins ideal for dry skin. Argan oil in the composition gives a feeling of comfort and saturates the useful substances and complex Global Age Defying allows you to smooth out wrinkles and improve skin elasticity.

Hard to believe, but a stunning cream has really a unique plant “микропластырь”, which moisturizes the skin to the last layer of the epidermis. As a result, the skin is radiant, and the tone is aligned. All imperfections are hidden. We appreciated the triple protection from contamination, free radicals and UV rays.

In winter simply can not do without nutrient balm for the skin, and the best we found at the brand Avon, called Solutions “Winter care”. Enriched with a complex of vitamins, minerals and nutrients, amazingly rich balm immediately eliminates dryness, peeling, redness and heals cracks in the skin. And don’t forget to take it with me every time I go outside.

Thin skin of the lips suffers in winter, so nourishing balm must be applied in the day. The key is to find a really effective and rich tool that will cope with the dryness of the lips. We conquered the balm from Nivea “Aqua Care with aloe Vera and technology, intellectual humidification IQ, provides a complex effect on sensitive skin. First, the novelty intensively moisturizes lips, making them soft and gentle. Secondly, balm, supports the natural moisture balance. And finally, the tool protects from ultraviolet radiation and quickly absorbed, so that the hair to it will not stick. Wear lip balm every handbag, in a pocket and keep in a drawer. We do so.

For dessert, we decided to leave the most interesting new to the winter care brand from Eisenberg called Soin Pur Éclat line of Excellence. Luxury means literally works wonders for face, body and even hair. Nourishing oil really makes the skin clean, moisturized and so fresh, as if you had just left the Swiss Spa!

Product formula contains valuable natural oils that fight against dehydration and protect the skin from environmental pollution. Macadamia oil increases the water-lipid barrier and allows you to retain your skin’s elasticity. Luxurious argan oil protects the skin from dryness in the most extreme climatic conditions and prevents hair loss. Extract of the bark of an evergreen tree boldo leaves evens skin and radiant. Vitamins E and A slow down the aging process and turn back the clock.

Hydrated and protected, skin instantly illuminated shimmer and velvety. Moreover, after our beauty-test ends of her hair stopped ugly split, appeared “salon” smooth and silky. The main thing is to spray the product on the hair maximum generously, leave for 15 minutes and then rinse off the shampoo. No heating was not able to “overcome” the unique miracle tool that promotes well being of all, what you decide to its cause. Now SPLETNIK.RU believe in magic.

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