"Зимняя фантазия": Колин Фаррелл и Рассел Кроу в первом трейлере

Finally, we can appreciate the first official trailer tape “Winter fantasy” directed by Akiva Голдсман, filmed on the novel by Mark Хелприна. The main role in the romantic fantasy fulfilled Colin Farrell, Russell Crowe Jennifer Connally and Jessica Brown Findlay.

The plot unfolds in several temporary reservoirs and in the nineteenth century and in our days. Hero Farrell – thief Peter lake falls in love with a terminally ill girl Beverly Penn performed by the red-haired brown Findlay. It was her house he robbed the last time.

Russell Crowe this time played the role of main villain and rival hero Farrell. And the best friend and Saviour thieves South lake – of course, the white horse. Who would win in a winter Wonderland?

Learn February 14, 2014, as it was Valentine’s Day will be the world premiere of “Winter fantasy”.

колин фаррелл

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