Уилл Смит и Джада Пинкетт Смит временно расстались

If you believe the reports of the press, another famous pair is on the verge of divorce: according to informed sources, Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith who got married 15 years ago, decided to live separately from each other.

Joint photo of the spouses did not appear in the press from August. An insider, who talked to The correspondent of The Mirror says:

Their Union was considered one of the most durable in Hollywood, but lately, it seems it is not so. For several months, tensions between them.

According to another “informed source” jada itself acknowledged that they will have serious problems and said:

If you and your partner go through a difficult period, it is time to reconsider their views about what “should be” the husband and the wife.

According to friends of the pair, will and jada, have two children, parted, and their house was put up for sale. They say the wife of actor temporarily moved to his brother.

Official comments from the representatives of the famous family has not yet been reported.

Recall that the press has “made” a couple of last April, but then this information jada denied.

Уилл Смит и Джада Пинкетт Смит расстались
Will Smith and jada Pinkett-Smith is rumored to decide to live separately

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