In the article I would like to find an understanding of acquisition of new models of Apple. Each of us has an opinion on buying gadgets. Wise or not, let’s deal.

The core group of people, for example buying iPhone 7, want to stand out from the gray mass. Ie making such an expensive purchase they are getting a certain life status, which allows them to rehabilitate in the society. Simply put, I was able to purchase, and you’re not. And no matter how it’s done. After all, most people can not afford such a purchase, because of the shortage of funds. And they have to resort to services of banks. In the end, people buy the already inflated cost model, but also overpay on top of the interest to the banks.

So why buy a branded item in less expensive price. Because after some time there will be a newer model and the previous one will immediately fall in price. Everyone has long known, the lower the demand, the less will be the price of the goods. In my opinion, the deal is very profitable. Even if You get a quality product.

There are many people who are just waiting for new products from Apple. I would call them fans of the iPhone. From them comes the main income of the company. When a new model comes out, they run to sell the old one. And accumulate, creating huge queues to purchase the company’s brand. Such people find it difficult to explain what happened is not a new model, and the modified previous. If you take for example the iPhone 6 and iPhone 7 , the significant difference we find with the exception of three changed settings. Specifically to this there is no desire.

In conclusion, I want to write that don’t need to create long lines and pay huge sums to producers and banks. It is important to have patience and then all the goods are with lower cost. And you can always choose an alternative other manufacturers that have not much to lose brand.

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