Почему нам очень нужен скраб для кожи головы (+ПОДБОРКА СРЕДСТВ)

We used to scrubs for the face and body, but some time will be surprised at the scrubs the scalp. However, it is very useful beauty tool that needs to visit your head each of us.

Recently resumed the trend in peeling of the scalp. Peeling head was to add sugar in a jar with the usual shampoo for hair. But in a short time beauty industry have gone further and have created for us these scrubs for the head.

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Peeling of the scalp, if done properly and not get too carried away, can render a great service to your hair and appearance in General.

The advantages of the procedure of peeling of the scalp are on the surface (like the head). The fact that this cleanse not only cleanse the skin of accumulated fat, but also will accelerate the growth of hair and will order their state — it will improve blood circulation, positively affect the transportation of vitamins through the hair. This will allow your hair to stay healthy for a long period.

Also , a weekly scrub enables your hair to stay clean for a longer period. The fact that the more often you wash your hair – the hair is weaker and skin is thicker. So instead of dry shampoo you can walk along the scalp scrub and clean the skin of excess fat and rid the hair from fatthat will refresh hair and improve hair.

By the way, use a peeling of the scalp at home is possible and necessary not only because now in our Arsenal there is a comfortable scrubs, but as a Supplement to other procedures. If you decided to make a useful vitamin hair mask, then go skrabik hair – it will improve the effect from the mask.

And see our selection of funds to long to look for scrubs for your scalp. And remember that to use scrubs hair carefully. Apply to dry hair, massaging gently but not to a bloody mess and wash off after 5 or 15 minutes after application (the time must be indicated on the package of your scrub).

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