Every beauty tries to constantly monitor their appearance and care of hands and even pays attention. However beautiful manicure is not the health of the nails, as a way to disguise the existing disease

Really, have beautiful and healthy nail plates lucky not every damsels, the more that nail disease diagnosed today in dermatology more and more often. However, want to talk a bit more about the problem of transverse striations on the nails, which can occur at any age.

As is known, hands – this is the important part of the body, which is constantly in contact with aggressive environment. To avoid such extremely unwanted contact is practically impossible, therefore the micro nails, burrs, stress, seasonal vitamin deficiency eventually become the norm. Soon on the nails appear characteristic bumps, depressions and furrow, which are the main reason for an inferiority complex and emotional distress.

First of all, we should clarify that the characteristic of the furrow on the nails are presented arched stripes across the nail plate, have high contrast white color, which is clearly visible on natural nails. But all the same, what is the cause of this anomaly? As it turned out, there can be several reasons, but most often it is the result of an injury okolonogteva cuticle or the matrix itself. This may happen if careless driving hands and incorrectly trim manicure. In addition, the specific problem provokes a vitamin deficiency, namely an acute shortage of zinc, which is particularly appropriate in the case of vegetarianism. Also characteristic stripes on the nails are the result of severe contagious skin disease, which affects the structure and growth of the nail plate.

Separately worth noting the pathogenic effects of stress and impaired immunity, which also negatively affect the condition of your nails. So now it is clear why there are scratches on the nails. The reasons are the most common, but a basic yet, one should highlight the lack of timely prevention and care for the natural nail plates. If found pathogenic factor, first of all it is important to immediately removed, and only then running the immediate treatment for the restoration of their former health nails. What do I need?

First, it is important to consult a specialist and get the results for further diagnosis is made. In any case, treatment conservative and long lasting, and can take weeks. Secondly, intensive therapy should be accompanied by quality patient care, nail care, otherwise therapeutic effect is significantly weaker. Third, doctors recommend the use of protective coatings that are specially designed for this disease. Such varnish coverings don’t just mask the visual defect patient nail plate, but fill abnormal grooves medical liquid. Fourth, it is important to reconsider its power, but pay particular attention to the regular vitamin-mineral complexes.

And yet, the best and most efficient method of treatment is a high-quality grinding affected nails. After the execution of this cosmetic procedure, it is extremely important to adhere to certain rules and generally accepted requirements that know the professional beauticians. So, it is advisable to perform grinding exclusively mono and only in one direction, that is to the right or to the left, along or across. Thus, there is a violation of the nail plate, which then, alas, is not restored. Also, it is not истоньчать nail plate, otherwise such destructive actions may cause bleeding and severe pain. After polishing the nails important to thoroughly and carefully polished, unnoticed by eliminating all the scratches. The procedure is desirable to carry out only once a month, and trust their patients hands are better than just a competent professionals. Polishing patients nails once a week.

If the nails appeared typical furrow, significantly adversely affecting the appearance, then it could mean that there is a disease of the nail plate, which requires immediate diagnosis and conservative treatment. Also worth noting is that modern cosmetology provides a number of advanced cosmetic procedures that not only make the nails are smooth but also considerably strengthen their health. Such sparing methods of treatment demonstrate high results and lasting cosmetic effect.

So when the characteristic of furrows on the nail plates does not hurt to see a specialist, which will put the correct diagnosis, and then promptly appoint a scheme of conservative treatment.

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