This article will detail all the features and properties of the tool. It is not normal, as you first think, nail Polish. Smart enamel has not only preventive, and healing properties.

Looks smart nail Polish, as the most ordinary transparent lacquer-fixer, which is often used for overlapping design and fixation of small decorative items. And only a special mark is evidence of its other qualities. Of course, this means it can be used for the above mentioned actions, but the real purpose of this miracle-varnish reason is quite different. This information will interest first of all owners of bad nails, and no matter whether this characteristic of congenital and acquired.

However, this does not mean that lucky with strong and healthy by nature nails can safely ignore such a good tool, because prevention is no harm. If nails are too small thickness, are very brittle and without end – without edge exfoliate, then the chances of them grow, as a rule, are equal to zero. Of course, today there are many alternative ways to solve this problem (seemingly went to the salon – boosted their acrylic or gel, that’s all what matters) . However, these methods do not solve the problem, and even Vice versa worse.

Few people think about what dire consequences await them after removing the artificial layer of heavy Monomeric composition materials (the only exception is the accretion and the strengthening of their own nail plate bio gel, although there have been contraindications, as thin and brittle or affected nails with fungi) . As a rule, after this procedure and without the thin nature nails are truly critical condition, the output of which is possible only by a long and reinvigorate the treatment.

It should be said that in this case comes to the aid of smart enamel. Укрепитель nail this, indeed, has a magical effect, since it contains a lot of vitamins (including group) , oils and nutrients. The enamel is to be applied on the nails every day, and sometimes several times a day, as sometimes there is such an interesting reaction when the enamel starts to slide down the surface of the nail and oblazit that is quite a normal process. From the use of conventional varnishes in this case it is necessary to temporarily refrain until will not be clear signs of recovery and General signs of improvement of the General condition of the nail plate in General.

Of course, it is necessary only to those most cases, rehabilitation after injury to the nail associated with their long build-up materials, heavy chemical composition and mechanical damage as a result of prior filing of the whole surface. If smart enamel is used in order to improve the General condition, which is primarily a preventive nature, whether fighting расслаиванием free edge of the plate or excessive its fragility, then use the colored lacquers.

In this case, the pre-degreased surface (it’s enough to wipe nails with a regular nail Polish remover) you must apply a thin layer of smart enamel, and after it is completely dry proceed to the design with colored varnish, painting, application of various decorative elements etc. In this case, smart lacquer serves as a useful layer, which is completely nourishes and protects the nail plate from the harmful effects of varnishes, hot water, household chemistry and many other adverse external factors, which usually every day facing any woman.

You can also use smart varnish on top of a thin layer of varnish usual. It is considered that the enamel to pass even through this layer useful qualities nails, but of course to achieve the full effect is better to put it in as a basis. Application of smart enamel on nails accrued completely pointless, as through monomer this tool simply not capable of transmitting their nutrients. You can in this case its use except as a means to secure the painting with acrylics on the water, or for giving nails decorative Shine, however for these purposes any of the cheapest transparent fixer.

Application of smart enamel has a really solid virtues. Indeed, earlier, when the development of this magical tool was only in draft bright minds beauticians, women used as a therapeutic purposes normal iodine. Needless to say, it looked nail plate and leather околоногтевых rollers.

This tool really is smart as being subject to the inanimate it fully meets all the needs of the nails in what condition they are not. Among other things nails have aesthetic appearance.

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