In essence, pedicure is very useful, but not entirely pleasant procedure. It is connected with a number of factors, the main of which is the professionalism of masters. Much nicer new pedicure using fish.

Pedicure is a procedure which is performed in beauty salons. The essence of this procedure is to remove the keratinized skin with the feet, the fingers and the field of nail. Usually, the skin is removed with the help of special machine – with the hardware pedicure, or using files and special blade, if this is the manual pedicure. Naturally, as with any cosmetic surgery, are of great importance professionalism wizard and the quality of the instruments used.

When a low professional skill during a pedicure you can get a variety of skin damage that may occur later on various complications, ranging from inflammatory processes, ending the spread of fungal infections. That can be dangerous to your health, not to mention the unpleasant sensations. An alternative to the classical pedicure can become a pedicure garra rufa.

This method pedicure is that the customer puts her feet, about knee-deep, in a special aquarium full of fish. The water in the aquarium comfortable temperature, sometimes up to thirty-seven degrees, which helps to relax the client, and softening of the skin on the feet. During the procedure, which is usually from fifteen to thirty minutes, eat fish with legs client dead skin cells. This process is absolutely safe and painless. In addition, общипывая cornified skin, fish carry out spot micromassage, which favorably affects the skin of the legs and in particular on the well-being of the whole person.

A similar procedure can be performed sick dermatitis and even psoriasis, because it is extremely beneficial in these diseases. However, you should not fear of infection, because good salons after each client water or completely replaced by, or is sterilized with help of ultraviolet lamps.

Pedicure fish, in addition to their immediate properties, such as the removal of dead skin, characterized by a high degree of mental pressure. Observation of fish, light massage effect of warm water – all this has a positive effect on the psychological state of the person, relaxes and relieves stress. Therefore, fish peeling can be recommended not only to those who need care of feet, but people with a strong tension. In addition, saliva fish has soothing properties, resulting in skin becomes softer and smoother than it was before this procedure. Besides, the manipulation virtually no contraindications, except for open wounds on the skin of the foot.

Before conducting peeling fish specialist will conducts a physical examination, with the aim of identifying damage to the skin surface. Caution this procedure also need to use women on the last stage of pregnancy. All others can use this service salons without any fears. In different beauty salons price pedicure fish can vary from overhead, but the average is about thirty-five dollars.

Periodically this service held shares with the price decrease. This is usually dated to a variety of major holidays. Quite often similar events are held at various coupon sites such as «Groupon». During these shares discounts on such a procedure is fifty to seventy percent of the original cost.

Peeling fish is a procedure that will benefit not only physical, but also mental state of the person. And besides, the result of a fish peel is smooth and beautiful skin of the feet and legs.


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