To think that even one hundred years ago, women as not only исхитрялись to give your nails a neat shape and fashionable color (available in dark red and bright red) , and now really realize any fantasy.

History denim fascinating and interesting. During the whole period of existence since the appearance of products of this dense fabric with a special weave threads to date, the denim fabric (or denim) has undergone considerable change. From the initially very dense texture, similar to the canvas, and gray-beige fabric with time became a much finer, softer, and her colors is a whole range of colors, including white and black colors. True, the «classic» color is still blue and blue gamma jeans – this color was relevant at all times.

At the end of the eighties and mid-nineties ladies remember the kind of jeans «boom» on all постоветском space. Denim skirts and skirts absolutely unbelievable styles, tunics and dresses, direct cut and flared) , shirts and jackets, pants, shorts, Cycling shorts, even hats – denim sewed almost everything.

But all ever bored, here’s fashion denim things for three-four years had gone, leaving only relevant pants shorts Yes some styles of skirts. For a long time to get from the store and put on your favorite school bright red (or a Canary yellow) jeans was to compare the public recognition myself crazy, but the fashion, as is known, develops cyclically. Denim – in all of its manifestations – again became a super-urgent, until the appearance of gold and silver shades.

Cosmetic products all at the same time does not stand still, it’s no wonder that now in fashion burst denim manicure, throwing pedestal only nestled there craquelure and «sugar» manicure. On the one hand, it may seem like familiar – even with the most time – theme for nail design, and does not represent anything new. To think, you just need to find shade of a varnish in tone jeans, dark-blue or light blue) and forward! But not so simple as it first seems.

First, cosmetic companies (which are not sleeping) , created lacquer with great quality. When it is harmful, it dries simulates not only the color gamut of the denim fabric, but its texture – up to the tactile sensations. Of course, such varnish will not Shine like a mirror, but he doesn’t need it. But the shock of others – please easily.

Secondly, miracles «забугорной» cosmetics quite a long time to get to the Russian market, and shock want now, so talented маникюристки found a few ways on how to make denim manicure at home or out of the available funds.

The easiest method requires two shades of varnish from one of gamma, but different saturation (for example, light blue and blue) , cotton pads, nail Polish remover, and – ideally – the upper surface with a matte effect. And quite a lot of free time. First apply a lighter shade of a varnish in two layers (each thoroughly dry) , third layer – a dark color. Cotton pad slightly moistened in Polish remover and gentle strokes applied in an arbitrary manner to the nails. The main thing is not to wash off accidentally lower light layer. Matt coating is applied on top, and the result is a manicure with fashionable effect boiled denim. However, Matt cover pretty’t stand about this in mind when planning how long must hold a specific manicure on nails. He may not survive this period of operation.

From the variety of images denim manicure (along with a neat jacket) – perhaps the one option that will be appropriate in any case. Even in the offices of his encounter with «hurrah»what to speak about the lectures, parties and meetings.


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