Long beautiful nails help to visually adjust shape of the fingers, but the growth toenails most people think, to put it mildly, very strange. However, some think it is original and beautiful.

Currently long toenails cause more surprising, and not the rapture and delight. It looks so unusual that such nails are bound to be in the limelight. Their growth can be called a kind of new trend.

It is impossible to say what ever it was fashionable, because the growth toenails at all times resolved only bold and shocking women. The longest toenails had once belonged to the American Louise Hollins. The length of each nail was about 16 centimeters. It became an absolute world record.

Currently stylists, the leading masters of pedicure and just people who are fond of fashion and style, have not yet come to a consensus about what should be the optimum length of the toenails. Most of them still adheres to the classic standards of beauty. It is considered that the free edge of the toenails should be only 2-3 millimeters from «smile line».

In some cases, allowed to increase the length of the free edge, but not more than 3-4 millimeters. Everything that goes beyond these limits is considered as a manifestation of originality and outrageous. Thinking how beautiful long toenails, must necessarily take into account their actual length, as well as the status and form the Foundation of the nail and nail bed.

If the nail bed long enough, a woman can afford to grow even a few millimeters of the free edge, which will be a natural continuation of the nail. It is important that a pedicure in this case was perfect.

Отрастив toenails, though not very large, the woman cannot afford to go with unkempt nails, not covered with varnish. If nail form allows, you can do a French manicure, or cover them bright varnish. Many women are making a big mistake, trying to grow short fingernails not very beautiful form.

On the one hand, it is correct, as uneven and very short nail bed can be visually lengthen the only отрастив free edge of the nail. On the other hand, nails grow strongly in this case, absolutely contraindicated. Optimum length of the free edge for such nails will be the length, component only 2-3 millimeters.

Otherwise, it will look unnatural bended up. In addition, it will be rather inconvenient. Speaking about the strong отращивании free edge of the nail, many experts in the field of fashion unambiguously say that it’s just ugly. A startling pedicure can be demonstrated on the podium, but for real life, he is completely unsuitable.

According to opinion polls, men consider long toenails women repulsive, асексуальными. In other words, ladies, who dared to conduct such an experiment for the attention of men, can achieve the opposite effect. Most men admit that such nails simply frightening.

This should be remembered by anyone who wants to decide on growth. In the end, a woman wants to be beautiful just for men. It should become its main objective and should be guided. Long toenails, most likely, will not cause delight and others.

This can cause a lot of inconvenience and the woman. In case of growing my nails she would have to wear open shoes. That is why for most of the ladies such pedicure just not acceptable. After walking round the year in the open shoes without stockings can only afford a resident of the warmest countries.

Of course, you can make a nail in the cabin, but still it will carry a seasonal nature. Unfortunately, for most Russian regions cold weather is typical even for the summer months. Long toenails torn pantyhose, with them very uncomfortable to wear shoes specific models.

Summing up, we can definitely conclude that the overly-long-nails – it’s not beautiful, not sexually, and, moreover, is awkward. This should be remembered by all the girls who want to grow their toenails, or make a build-up in the cabin.

Most likely, this will only lead to disappointment. Women who are in a relationship with a man, or connected with him by the bonds of a legal marriage, it is necessary to consult about the need to build with his second half. Most likely, it will not cause men particular delight.

Long toenails not everyone likes. This should be remembered by anyone who wants to grow nails. For every man, changing his appearance, wants first of all to please others and not just yourself.

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