белый маникюрIn the new season dominated by white color. This can be seen not only in the fashion collections of designers, but even in the trends of nail art. Calling red, pink delicate, refined gold and discreet beige, – they all give place to the white covering of the nails. How to make a stylish white manicure yourself? Site talk about all the details and give you some ideas.

The new trend

If you are in doubt about the relevance of white color, look at the photos of celebrities, who visited the Oscar. This is the most important event in the life of movie stars, therefore, have to be on top. Every detail must be taken into account. Well, pens, which will keep the cherished statuette and not have to be perfect.

The most luxurious ladies chose concise manicure with white finish. Anne Hathaway has stopped on a milky color varnish. One finger she adorned with paintings. Halle berry clearly prefer the classics, because it negotko observe French. Jennifer aniston chose a modest white. But Reese Witherspoon liked translucent milk.

Manicure with white lacquer

Today very popular regular manicure in white, without drawing and other decorations. It looks stylish and suitable for any occasion. However, the white manicure has some important nuances.

  • White lacquer, in contrast to the color, simply must be of high quality. It is better to spend a large sum, but have a excellent gloss finish. Otherwise you will get the effect of putty on the nails, or paint will fall unevenly.
  • Manicure with white painted short-lived. The slightest defect is an occasion to renew coverage on negotko. Oblubeny lacquer looks messy.
  • Save a bad manicure with white finish and a matte surface, you can use the flickering varnish. Discreet lustre will smooth out the bumps and disguise all the flaws.

How to make a strict manicure in white? Everything is quite simple:

  1. Prepare a manicure nails. Remove the old coating, form the right shape of the nail. White color looks a winner on the nails of medium length, oval or square shape.
  2. Well Polish the nail surface with a special stone. White manicure very Moody, any irregularities on the surface it only highlight.
  3. Apply basic transparent coating that will make the nail plate more smoother.
  4. Now you can use white lacquer. First cover all your nails with a thin layer. When it dries, you can repeat colouring.
  5. Fix the white nail Polish can be transparent lacquer or varnish glitter.

белый маникюр

Romantic mood

Offer yet one option manicure on white background perfect for a date, the celebration of important dates with loved ones and dinner on Valentine’s Day.

Decorate your white manicure sweet hearts. Here’s what you need:

  • Lac Foundation
  • White lacquer
  • Red, black, green varnishes
  • Thin brush or pencil for manicure

If you think that manicure with white finish looks boring, you can decorate nails painted. Hearts – simple figure, which the strength to perform even a person with no art education.

  1. Prepare your nails, as described above.
  2. Apply white lacquered in two layers and wait until it dries.
  3. Now closer to the tip of the nail draw in a chaotic manner 2-3 heart. To do this, you need a red lacquer and thin brush.
  4. Every little heart grows thin twig, drawn in black lacquer.
  5. And on the branches draw tiny green leaves.

Your manicure with white finish and red hearts will look good, because this combination of colors is very successful.

белый маникюр

Black and white classic

The combination of contrasting colors in art is very popular. The opposite of white color is black. We offer you to use them in tandem his fingernails.

Very funny looks manicure, simulating shirt. And make it very simple. Prepare the following items:

  • White and black varnishes
  • Lac base and top coat
  • Small crystals for manicure
  • Scotch tape or stencils for manicure.

White manicure with this painting is done in the following technique:

  1. Prepare your nails and cover them with the base coat.
  2. Using a stencil, tape or patch strike a curved line at the base of the nail. This will cut our shirts.
  3. Now apply a white lacquered in two layers. The stencil will not allow to go to a varnish for the future of the picture. On the center of the nail place rhinestones, imitating the buttons.
  4. When the white varnish dries, black lacquer you must draw near stencil two small semi-circle or triangle. They will be the collar of our shirts.
  5. After you remove the adhesive tape can be assessed finished drawing.
  6. Attach the white manicure transparent varnish.

White lacquered actively used in the wedding manicure. In this case, we can restrict and classic jacket or make difficult the painting, imitating lace. Rhinestones, sequins and beads won’t become redundant. Also the white color of a harmonious effect on acrylic nails. In this case, the boundaries for there is no fantasy, professional masters can grow even three dimensional flowers on your nails.

Manicure with white painted always looks stylish and is appropriate in any situation.

маникюр с белым лаком

маникюр с белым лаком

маникюр с белым лаком

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