American brand Michael Kors are now very popular worldwide, the company produces clothes, accessories and perfumes. Especially popular are the bags of this brand, a great many girls and women daily are acquiring the products of this global brand. Handbags from Michael Kors in Moscow is expensive, but the high cost due to highest quality, beauty and practicality. The brand assortment includes quite a number of models that differ in shape, size, color and so on.

This brand is relatively young, since the main designer Michael Kors presented his collection in the 80 years of the twentieth century, in 37 years of existence of company clothing and accessories of this brand became one of the most popular.

Addresses of shops Michael Kors in Moscow

Today in Moscow to buy the original accessory this is not of great complexity, it is important to choose the right place for purchase, because the risk of purchasing fake handbags on the cost of the original is large enough. In the Russian capital today to buy original clothes and accessories from the Michel Kors may in the following locations:

  • Central Department store. There is certainly each buyer will receive this product because TSUM is the official boutique of the exact address of the location of the Central Department store of Moscow is easy to learn using the Internet;
  • Department store “Butik” is also a popular place to buy brand clothing, the range includes the collection of Michel Kors. The boutique is located in the heart of the capital, exact address is easy to find on the official website;
  • Department store “Stockman”, which is located in the shopping center “metropolis”, which is engaged in sale of these accessories and clothes from the most popular manufacturers, including Michael Kors;

The above boutiques represent only a small fraction of the total number of Department stores and boutiques where they can purchase the original bag, Michael Kors. Every woman chooses where to buy favorite things.

To order a bag online store

You can also order this item through the online stores at the moment in Moscow there are a huge number of online resources that sell fashion apparel. From such a large number is very difficult to choose the one where not deceived. One of the best online stores selling handbags is service where are a large number of products from leading manufacturers.

The advantages of on the Internet store 7BAGS

This online resource for accessories has a huge number of advantages in comparison with competitors:

  • The entire production is completely original, including bags Michel Kors. Buyers need not worry about the authenticity of the purchased items, since the products are ordered from Europe and America, have all documents and receipts;
  • Warranty is 1 month. If for some reason the purchased goods did not come, ceased to please, or something else, we can safely take it back;
  • Service for 1 month, which is to repair or replace any items under warranty. If any part of the purchased items were in disrepair, under warranty it will be replaced with a new one;
  • The delivery is very fast throughout Russia. In Moscow delivery is 1 day after ordering. Delivery at any designated address, the courier chooses the most suitable time for the customer delivery. Also a nice feature for customers is that if when you receive the goods do not like, it easily possible to give back and to pay a fee;
  • The possibility of payment on delivery is very convenient and practical feature, which appeals to all buyers.

Thus, to acquire an original bag the Michael Kors in the capital is possible in several ways, it is possible to go to a boutique or order it online. However, the first method requires a waste of time, which today is very much appreciated. 7bags online resource offers a huge choice of original bags at an affordable price, issued the order at home, sitting on the couch, and then courier will deliver it right at the designated address. All clients are always very happy.

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