Nail for beginners masters of nail service can be a daunting challenge. It is very important to select the right tools and materials that are needed in the professional set for nail.

The most popular beauty salons technologies with the application of the gel or acrylic. Also, there are techniques, with the use of silk and tar, but this is a new development, a very rare and expensive, both for the client and for a wizard.

What should be included in the set for nail extension for beginners? In order : UV lamp, degreaser (it sometimes serves as a means for removing adhesive layer), primer, oil to soften the cuticles, forms, files, buffs, tips and типсорез, glue, brush, gel. This is a sample list.

Lamps in specialized stores now, a great multitude, on any preferences and Finance. It is best to purchase a powerful lamp, so as not to get a surprise in the form of непросохшего gel, as some of them are polymerized only under the action of strong UV radiation.

Degreaser is a solution, which wipe the nail plate before starting the build. They often remove the sticky layer after drying the gel, but you can buy a special liquid for removing adhesive layer.

Ethereal primer not required in all systems nail. This point necessarily need to be clarified before the purchase of materials. It is recommended to buy a primer from the manufacturer and gel.

Oil to soften the cuticles need at the very last stage of extension. Buy it easy, the cost is relatively low.

Form for nails can be both disposable paper and metal, calculated on a more long-term use. What use is a matter of taste, but, as the practice of many masters, metal forms after 2-3 increasing often deformed.

Sawing and buffs are selected for nails. As a rule, nail files are bilateral, with marked to indicate the grit. Than numbers less, the coarser the working surface of sawing. As for the form of files and choose the most comfortable possible only through practice. Buffs are issued four-sided, white, or pink color.

Tips is a plate pasted on the nail with the purpose of its extension. To start, tips classical form and intended for the French style. Manufacturers offer a huge selection of tips of all shapes and sizes, so with increasing number of customers is not a problem to buy the other.

While building on tips can not do without типсореза, a special device to trim tips. Trim the nail scissors impossible in any case, they may crack. The blade must be sharp and smooth.

A few words about Klee for tips. It can be purchased in гелеобразном and liquid form. Adhesive gel dries to 60 seconds, giving the opportunity to correct the uneven overlay, liquid dries instantly. Gel-like glue is more expensive, more often producers are well-known firms.

Brushes you can use natural and synthetic. Necessarily requires large flat and angled brush. Beveled need for прорисовывания smile line when building in the style of French. You should remember that it is impossible to save on two things – hands and gel. Brush bought only in professional stores. After the building for a few minutes to lower in a cleaner brushes. Some wash the brush in Polish remover, but with this treatment this tool quickly fails.

Finally, and most importantly – gel. Gels there are one-, two – and three-phase. Each of them has its pros and cons. To decide which one to start with, it is best to read professional forums masters of nail service. This will help to make a choice. Do not be afraid to overpay. With high quality, expensive gel work much easier.

For sale you can find complete sets of making nail for beginners is much easier, as they already have everything you need. Buying a set of more profitable, but the choice is always the master.


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