Everyone has long been known that the human body is about 70-85% consists of water. And that the total duration of human life and health depend directly on the composition and quality of consumed them drinking moisture. A great variety of offers today’s consumer market. Advertising that guarantees clean water to its buyer, sometimes to the extent contradictory and negative in practice, that just my head is spinning.

What potable water to drink? Whom to believe?

Винни-пухTry well to deal with the question what are the main criteria and how can assess the main quality of drinking water ordinary consumers, who do not have special education for such inspections. First of all, it is necessary to be defined with the question of what is meant by the term «drinking water». Water is considered drinking if a man may eat almost any desired quantities, without additional restrictions throughout his life, and it does not bring any harm.

The term «drinking water» is meant any of origin and receiving of liquid to drink, also, that, for their own taste, including security is appropriate in order to satisfy their needs or for the production of any food (drinks, food products and other products). However, as is well known to all, water is the water of strife. Today the main source of drinking water are:

  • bottled or packaged;
  • of the systems of Central water supply (more precisely from the tap);
  • a pump room, well – water from an underground source.

Вода из-под кранаTap water is the most applicable and available. However, its main drawback is recognized unstable and low quality. Registered annually about 7-8 real infections people from consuming water from a public water supply. Drink water in food or from the tap, and in некипяченом the form of highly recommend the workers of the water treatment plant.

Remember! Water is a necessary building block for our health! Let’s appreciate it!

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