Какой телевизор выбратьAs usual, the average vacationer people spend the night? As a rule, in front of the TV. Someone rushes to viewing a favorite of transfer or series, someone just wants to lie down and relax under monotonous work «blue» screen.

However, most people also cares about the quality of the viewer, which is somewhat dependent on the type of «source of information», that is – the TV. This article will focus on four types of existing TV sets, the choice of which depends on individual abilities and preferences.

CRT TVs кинескопные

This type of TV sets with convex screen, still circulated, above all thanks to its low cost. Although among film fans they are not popular. And all because of the shortcomings of the CRT screen flicker, which resulted in very eyes will quickly get tired, large sizes, and abilities magnetic fields affect the image.

Plasma TVs

The main advantage can be attributed to the small thickness of the shell, and the large screen. On it, each point represents an independent luminous element. No flicker and the harmful radiation of the screen has excellent visibility and the ability to not attract dust.


This device is based on a combination of two transparent panels with finding between them layer of liquid crystals. Screen image does not flicker. However, LCD TVs do not have sufficient visibility – if the angle is too large, the image quality is lost. In this case there is a problem with temporary response – if the picture is rapidly changing, occurs smearing of the image.

Projection TVs

Popular such TVs became known thanks to the quality and large size image. There is such a thing as a source of setting up the image. According to this principle projection TVs can be микрозеркалах, on LCDs or кинескопах. Each of these subspecies are relative, both advantages and disadvantages.

For many consumers much the value of purchased equipment – after all, «’t jump above the head». Therefore, often try to combine and price and good quality. There is an opinion that the expensive, hence, better. However, very often the high cost of the name of a famous brand. At the same time, not even quite common brand, but that cares about its customers, can produce quality and relatively expensive goods.

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