Nail condition – an indicator of the health of the organism. People suffering from deficiency of microelements and vitamins, with wellfunctioning internal organs, usually there are no problems with the appearance of the nail.

Many women faced with unpleasant inclusions on the surface of the nail plate – transverse and longitudinal grooves on the nails. Usually ladies hide them under flawless manicure, however, the heterogeneity of the surface of the nail provide a troubling symptom of existing ailments, as well as other «health indicators» – the hair, teeth, and skin.

Peculiarities of the structure of the nail depend on several main factors – the hereditary traits, lifestyle, availability of harmful habits, age of the owner, available патолигий and other. However, any sudden and noticeable changes in this structure – for example appeared grooves on the nails, as a rule, are a signal of failure of an organism.

Longitudinal grooves on the nails can be a consequence of the failure of the nail plate during the procedures of manicure. However, if this option is swept aside, it is likely that this phenomenon is indicative of violations in the activity of an organism. In particular, this may cause infectious diseases of the skin, such as herpes, psoriasis or diseases of the joints types of arthritis. We also know that longitudinal grooves can occur due to poor blood circulation, pathologically high blood pressure or cardiovascular disease.

In case of malfunction of the nervous system, or diseases of the spinal cord, longitudinal grooves narrow, and the Central part of the nail plate gets much thicker compared with the base and tip of the nail.

Most often, these «flaws» are located in the center of the nail and can be as isolated and rare, and multiple, affecting all nails evenly. Relief and strongly protruding grooves can be considered forerunners of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and pancreas, as well as an indicator of the lack of iron and vitamin B6.

Mechanical damage to the base of the nail plate can also be the cause of the appearance of isolated ridges on nails. In this case, the deepening will disappear by itself after 1-2 months, when the nail grows back again.

Transverse grooves on the nails can be caused by a deficiency of magnesium and iron in the human diet. Lack of these micronutrients can be caused by problems with bas’s intestines when these trace elements are simply not absorbed from food. Also cause of transverse grooves may be abnormalities in the kidneys.

If this symptom is accompanied by the appearance of bumps on your nails, it can serve as a signal about the disease of the musculoskeletal system – arthritis, for example. Also sometimes there is a curved shape of the grooves, how would differentiating nails into «before» and «after». This is usually associated with a transferred serious illness, during which had been suspended power of the nail. Very often, this symptom occurs in young children who have had measles, rubella, hepatitis. The child’s body drops everything «reserves» to fight infection, so the nails are temporarily without makeup, and therefore appear transverse grooves.

Also such heterogeneity nails are found in psychical diseases, cardiovascular, fungal infections. As a result of sharp limitations of power on a diet, for example, can also occur transversal grooves.

So what tool most effectively helps to get rid of grooves on the nails? Unfortunately one medicine for all illnesses, which are potential causes of grooves does not exist. In each case the funds selected individually. However, if you are sure that the reason for the appearance of the grooves in the mechanical damage to the nail, no treatment needs – problem самоустранится as growing nail.

In other cases, you must undergo a full medical examination by specialists. According to the results of examinations and tests, the doctor will prescribe the appropriate treatment of the revealed diseases, which became the reason for the formation of ridges on nails.

To eliminate the external defect nail help polishing special пилочками. However, cuticle treatment in this case requires a delicate balancing act, and get involved «опиливанием» is not recommended. Also mask this defect will help protective coatings that fills formed a recess for the conservation of nail aesthetics.

Shallow and rare grooves, it is possible to solve the problem keeps taking vitamin and mineral supplements.

Summing up, we can say that the transverse and longitudinal grooves on the nails can be symptoms of serious diseases. To establish the diagnosis and identify the most effective means of treatment to be tested by a doctor.


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