In such situations, in any case should not act rashly, once ostrega all the other nails in the likeness of broken, because there are many simple and effective ways to at least temporarily delay such drastic measures, using certain techniques.

So, broken nail — how to fix it, if it is only cracked or neckalace? And how to be and what to do if I broke a nail and glue it impossible? Of course, act in both situations should be different, but in any case, the output will be found. So, for example, a small crack can be mounted using a special silk for the fixing nails, which is sold together with a special glue. The technology of its application is rather simple — just cut a small piece of tissue, at least approximately matching the dimensions of damage, to soak it in the glue and attach your tweezers to the pre-degreased nail plate. After that you can again gently to cover fixed fabric glue, trying a little to go beyond it and leave to dry. When the glue is completely dry and silk will seize, it is possible to carefully trim it beyond the free edge of the nail, the excess, armed with sharp nail scissors and gently sand the entire surface of the plate bafikom thus removing the formed roughness and irregularities. The next step is staining of the nail taped in two or more layers, because the extra thickness will help to make the fixation even more robust and reliable.

Some mistresses prefer to do it the old fashioned way, managing to seal the nail cracked on the type of simulation papier-mache, using several layers of thin paper and PVA glue. However, if the free edge of the nail is not cracked and partially broken off, then seal it with paper, silk or any other available tools is not possible. And the only solution in such situation is the increase of the polymer plate or overlay the nail, which is attached to pre-cutting (meaning the elimination of a glossy Shine) and degreased surface. It is noteworthy that the glue that is included with miscellaneous nails or tipcam, in the vast majority of cases is not very effective, so it is highly recommended to replace it with a higher quality polymer, good, purchase today will not be difficult.

Much harder will be the case in that case, if the nail broke in the middle of the plate, which, unfortunately, often happens. The fact that in such situations it is not so much about beauty, but about basic comfort, because to cut off the broken free edge of the damaged nail is not always possible, and leave it in place is highly undesirable, since any, even the most innocuous movement will cause acute pain and severe discomfort. Modern manufacturers offer a temporary solution to this problem in the form of a special lining, which is fixed by using a polymer adhesive to the entire surface of the nail, covering thus not only the crack but also split into two parts the plate. This pad wear as long as the site of the demolition will not heal naturally, however, she was not able to provide complete protection from the pain and discomfort that not all is acceptable.

Therefore, to solve the problem of broken in the middle of the nail in two ways, the first of which involves the removal of the free edge, if the resulting crack is not greatly removed from him and the other laying on top of plates of two-phase polymer in the form of gel or acrylic.

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