Hands care is an important part of any image. Even during business negotiations, manicure should pay due attention. Therefore, cutoff manicure also important to men as women.

He does not necessarily imply the presence of decorative elements, but rather aims to hands and nails on them looked neat and well groomed.

Care for the formation of the correct ingrown nail and cuticle has been in Vogue for a long time, therefore the methods of fine-tuned, and were invented during more than one decade. Currently technique trim manicure has already become classical, and is the most natural way to care for your hands.

Unlike various methods of extending as it does not imply deformation of the nail plate, but rather contributes to its strengthening.

For trim manicure may require only special tongs and several nail files with different grain sizes. Forceps are mainly used for the correction of the cuticle and removal of burrs and sawing help give the nails desired shape.

Before conducting the procedure is usually assumed steaming hands in a small tank with water to simplify the circumcision of excess skin and improve its condition.

Before proceeding directly to the circumcised nail and cuticle, you need to determine the desired form of the nail plate. And only then proceed to распариванию. When the skin around several softened and white is white, hand it is possible to wipe and start the procedure. The skin around the nails should be removed very carefully in order to perform household things she зацеплялась, and not created burrs that may cause considerable inconvenience even at small sizes.

Before removing cuticle, it is best to handle the hands of a disinfecting solution to prevent the possibility of infection. Excess skin should be separated by a thin rod to subsequently it is better removed.

During the trim manicure attention is paid not only to the nails, but brushes in General. The skin on them, especially in the cold season to become more dry and prone to the emergence of cracks, which can then become inflamed, so she needs adequate care, which consists in making all kinds of moisturizing creams and oils.

At the request after the main procedures can also additional, which involve the introduction of decorative details. The most common of these is the coating colour or a colourless varnish.

Experts consider the cutoff manicure not as cosmetic procedures, but rather to hygiene. It is universal, as is suitable for everybody, regardless of gender and age, state of the nail plate, length and shape of the nail.

The main difference of it from other techniques manicure is the fact that he was almost invisible to the naked eye, but it completely changes the visual perception of hands. Making them much more accurate. It can not only make the nails more beautiful, but also to make them healthy, prevent ingrown and stratification.

Compared with other types of manicure and especially with the increase by gel or acrylic cut is much more sparing. It helps to preserve the natural beauty and functionality of hands, that it is also important when occupations, with a focus on fine motor skills, where the nails of irregular shape, cracked skin on the fingers or the bumps may affect the process.

Cutoff manicure also takes a little time, but it affects the initial state of the hands in General and nails in particular. The greater the intervention is required – the more time is required.

It should be noted that for him the competent required to have a certain skill. One explanation for this is the need for accurate processing of fabrics so that the hands were really well groomed. Otherwise very difficult to avoid bleeding when trimming cuticles or even entering a fungal infection during processing.

As totals can be said that the objective of cutting manicure is the formation of a more accurate form of nails, skin around them and the entire area of the hands with a minimum of decoration.


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