Office closet often perceived as something boring that is worn mandatory and enforced. But everything changes when to strict office dress code you can add dress.

Dress, as a matter of business style today more than allowed. What it should be to meet the requirements of the furniture fashion, and emphasize your beauty? What items of clothing pay attention to?

The correct fit skirts solves all

Юбка в офисном платьеAnd indeed, the skirt of the dress attracts the most attention. That is why it has to be strict, but feminine. Very often in such models meets the pencil skirt. It can also have a small incision in the front or back. To emphasize the waist skirt is complemented by a wide belt. However, this zone should be Vitim and not invoiced, then have the opportunity to support strict appearance.

Dress should be good

There are models that require additional items of clothing (jacket or a jacket does not count, as they are non-replaceable element of office style). Dress, under which you want to wear a blouse or sweater, and often looks childish and irresponsible. Therefore, visiting for such clothing as dress online shop think about how well it sits without lower jackets and blouses, without long sleeves and a desire to change things.


Вырез делового платьяBusiness style practically does not allow equally as deep cut, and the raised collar like divers. Classical decision – collar-keel. Also today became popular overhead collars, which sutured over the classic cut. They add clothing originality, but not uncommon. Also never cease to be fashionable oval and triangular cuts of dresses.


This question worth asking for anything. As the dress looks good with a classic jacket? After unacceptable to wear clothes with short sleeves in the office, what would be a hot, in any weather. Can be combined with the dress jackets that offer women’s suits: trousers or uboczne already unimportant.

Think about the choice of comfortable shoes under the proposed dress. They, too, must go perfectly with the selected length, model and paint. Very carefully, is to choose to such clothing accessories: of the pouch, wrist watch or jewelry. All this is permissible in limited quantities and understated style.

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