Personal care is an important thing in the lives of most women. They do not get tired to invest time and money on trips to various salons and sport complexes, regularly update the closet and are usually well informed about novelties of fashion.

Does not last place takes care of your hands. Here need to track not only the relevance of form, colour varnish, but the picture that is updated in each season.

The matter is that afford to have a good manicure could not every woman. The essence is not in the cost and the complexity of maintaining its kind by the day. Even if nails are strong in and of themselves, lacquer gradually crack in the course of regular household duties. A few years ago this problem was solved gel manicure, but it was later discovered that their own nails while severely destroyed.

The innovation of last years in the field of cosmetic products was shellac Polish. In fact, it is something average between the gel and hair spray. He has more benefits than each of these two coating, which can not but rejoice.

Traditional nail Polish looks good only on the first-second day after application. Further, even with the most careful care of the nails, he begins to lose its color, seats away, why it is necessary to regularly update.

The first advantage of shellac is that it retains its original appearance for two weeks after the procedure.

In comparison with the gel it amazingly easy to apply with a brush, as well as regular nail Polish. This means that it can be applied also in the home – it should be taken into account the fact that the drying need exposure to ultraviolet radiation, as what may serve as a special lamp.

The second advantage over the varnish also observed in almost immediately. It is observed at the moment of drying, which takes no more than two minutes. Ordinary lacquers, просыхая, can be lubricated or wither uneven depending on the number of layers.

To complete the procedure in a beauty salon takes about half an hour.

When removing it also has not been any problems. Shellac nail is not toxic and is removed using a liquid containing in its composition acetone. It is also worth noting that unlike gel lacquer and it does not injure the surface of the natural nail. If we talk about the gel does not need to be, after removing the varnish, you notice that the nails become less smooth and shiny. Shellac leaves the nail surface the same glossy, as before the coating.

You can also say that it protects native nail against mechanical damage. So he goes first of all to those nails prone to separation or simply do not have adequate fortress to grow to the desired length.

How much of this coating will last, depends on individual characteristics, which include the update rate of the nail plate. Shellac fits tight, but its hard to deform, which replace manicure is only necessary if the nails had grown so much that it has lost its aesthetic appeal.

Some of their properties shellac learned and gel. He is able to strengthen the nail and not to violate any of the properties of the surface. We can safely say that it has a positive effect on the nail structure. Note particularly to the fact that in the composition of shellac does not contain any component capable of causing an allergic reaction.

Unlike most means of nail care in the composition of shellac no formaldehyde. This makes it harmless to the extent that you can safely apply even women while breastfeeding or carrying a child.

He is a perfect solution for those who want to grow long nails, but also for lovers of travel abroad. Repeat the procedure for the application of funds will have to be performed only on arrival home.

Unlike gel and acrylic shellac not so much inclined to strain under the influence of temperature fluctuations. This means that when you run the Affairs at home reduces the occurrence of microscopic cracks around the nail. As a rule they are in the body and penetrate harmful bacteria, bringing with it a fairly large number of serious and unpleasant diseases.

The state of the surface of the nail is usually does not affect the application itself varnish, as the use of acetone at removal. Shellac, we need to take much less, so the nail plate is not often exposed to negative influences.

However, it is better to entrust the application of shellac on the nails of a professional, as a result of improper treatment it may not lie, which will exfoliate during the first week.

Convenient also that product developers competently came to the color palette, which is constantly updated and is currently contains a large number of shades.

If you believe the words of specialists, this tool is really unique. Now do not need to choose between beauty and the state of the nail – quite the contrary, shellac makes them stronger and less prone to separation. Now an increasing number of women orders himself exactly this service in beauty salons. This is a great choice, regardless of average income, as well as the high price of shellac compared with conventional nail Polish is compensated by the time he stays on nails. Why should injure native nails gel or acrylic, if there is a real possibility they grow up to a desired length, and in addition, to give them a smooth and silky without resorting to the help of special tools?

Shellac is often used celebrities that helps them to save time in trips and world tours. As soon as it produced in the USA, shellac almost immediately found a wide circle of admirers around the world.


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