Progress in the field of cosmetology, we can now get rid of many problems, maintain health and to preserve the beauty of using innovative instruments and effective methods. Today, many modern beauty centres are used to solve a variety of aesthetic and medical tasks lymphatic drainage. Machines for pressure therapy are special equipment for treatments with mechanical stimulating effect on the tissues by means of air pressure in the cuff device.

Лимфатическая система и прессотерапияThe main area of effect lymphatic system of a person. During this effective procedure flow and lymph circulation, stimulates metabolic processes, leads to the decrease of fat reduction the appearance of cellulite, swelling of tissues. You can lead an effective struggle with the stagnation of the intercellular fluid in the tissues, excessive formation leads to various diseases.

Pressotherapy is a complex therapy for the body in General, this procedure will make your body slimmer and more beautiful. What are the advantages of pressure therapy before other hardware methods of correction of forms? The main advantage is that the effect is achieved by sparing action on human tissues. Resort to this procedure may even those who for any reason are contraindicated electrostimulation, manual massage and ultrasonic treatment. During this procedure the patient does not feel even the slightest discomfort, but rather gets the opportunity to relax completely.

During the sessions pressure therapy can be get rid of excess weight cellulite and other problems:

  • varicose veins;
  • manifestation of venous thrombosis;
  • postoperative edema;
  • violation of circulation;
  • violation of the lymphatic system.

Процедура лимфодренажаProcedure of lymphatic drainage is as follows: the patient wears a special suit and elastic cuffs, which then connects connected to the unit intake. Jet air discharged in the suit, has on the skin, muscles, subcutaneous fat and lymph vessels person mechanical wave impact. During the procedure is the alternation of low and high pressure, and this process lasts from 30 seconds to 2 minutes.

As a result of the impact lymphatic drainage massage the organism appears not only excess intercellular fluid, but also dangerous toxins and harmful substances. Due to this rapid recovery of tissues prone areas. Using machines for pressure therapy, after a few times you get fit impeccable form, and significantly improve the state of your skin. In addition to the health-improving effect, machines for pressure therapy can have a relaxing effect. During exposure, the patient will feel absolute comfort, and after the procedure will feel pleasant warmth all over the body, relaxation and incredible lightness. Take care of your beauty and modern equipment will help you in this!

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