Feature calico is that this material is from a fairly strong cotton increased hygienic qualities. Such a wonderful material absorbs moisture, but retains the warmth and gives the body a chance to breathe.

Производство бязиIf you want a natural and cotton cloth then it calico. The peculiarity of this fabric that is used way to weave the threads for the paintings. Make it started many years ago, and supplied with Asian countries. In the 16th century it appeared in Russia. In our days the largest producer of cotton in Russia is TC «Solidarity» of Ivanovo (here’s a site http://tksol.ru/nabivnyue_tkani).

Calico used for different items of clothing, but its main purpose is to chic bedding sets. This is a practical and durable lingerie! Will gladden the Housewives of the fact that after many washings it will not change its shape and color brightness. The ratio weave equal to 1:1.

The positive side of Biasi is that it is made mainly from natural cotton. Why mostly? In countries such as Turkey, Pakistan and China sometimes make 15% polyester threads, and standards of these countries allow for such a percentage.

Move on to the types of calico:

Виды бязиAnd so there are two popular types coarse calico, such as super-and percale cotton.

Characteristic feature of the first type is used for production of the strongest thread. In this thread quite high as density, and weave. The result of this strong strength of bed linen, which is saved by a large number of washings and even when Ironing at high temperature. Such set will not only durable, but also draws attention to its brilliance and pleasant to the touch silkiness. This is method mercerizing gives threads super-котонна this effect. But most of all happy that this fabrics not formed a pellet.

In the manufacture of the second type uses a long staple cotton, for this reason, the fabric is thin, but it retains its strength. The percale to touch the fabric smooth, soft and matte.

And now let’s talk about the specifics of washing percale:

We recommend that during washing observed temperature not more than 60 degrees, and initially after the purchase is better to perform the Laundry in cold water. These tips will help you longer to save the original picture and brightness. It is also important to observe the temperature not more than 150 degrees when Ironing of linen.

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