Usually such symptoms develops on the background of producing mechanical injury due to entrapment, impact or even crash of foreign objects. And if, after the injury suddenly turned black, the base of the nail, there is no need to let the situation slide in the hope that black gradually sestet together with the fingernail, since this may not happen.

It is important to understand that blackens the base of the nail due to bleeding of damaged blood vessels, resulting in a subungual hematoma, but simply a blood clot, which prevents the normal blood circulation and, consequently, the nutrition of the nail plate. For this reason, the nail in the place of formation of a hematoma starts to flake off, causing great discomfort to the victim at any movement, and sometimes even peeling, with all the ensuing consequences. Meanwhile, to prevent such a situation is difficult, but possible, just as possible to attach to the injured area ice or something very cold and ask for help to the surgeon. This measure is necessary to ensure that the physician could remove a blood clot under the nail plate, thereby restoring the normal circulation and nutrition.

Usually removal subungual hematoma is done by two methods, both of which depend on presence of cracks, resulting from the dissection of the nail plate. So, if through crack occurs, the clot is pulled to the surface through the small hollow needle, using for this purpose a conventional syringe. The lack of cracks does not necessarily imply the implementation of incision of the nail plate, as in this case, there is a risk of falling into the wound pathogenic infection and development of inflammatory process that will only aggravate the problem. In this case, it is highly recommended to drill a hole in a damaged nail, which is necessary to use a pre-calcined to a red thin wire. That is, the hole is actually burned at the site of injury, then the course is still the same hollow needle, since the extrusion of the hematoma on the surface may not give any result and bring a lot of discomfort to the victim.

If everything was done correctly, the patient will not feel any discomfort, so in most cases removing a subungual hematoma is carried out without local anesthesia. Paramount has the rehabilitation period, during which you must constantly treat the wound with antiseptic agents in sprays and to take bath with the addition of a small amount of sea salt and iodine. In addition, in the first period, it is recommended to wear a bandage on a cut nail in order to avoid getting harmful bacteria and various infections. It should be remembered that the injury is not the only cause blackening of the nail plate, it is very often the culprit becomes a fungus growing under the nail. In this case, it is also necessary to seek the assistance of the doctor who will perform an external examination and will prescribe effective antifungal therapy in the form of special antimycotic creams, ointments and baths. Unfortunately, not always on time patients resort to medical aid, resulting in the save the nail is not possible because of formation of air cushions and peeling. It is therefore not necessary to delay the campaign to the doctor if the nail is darkened at the base for no apparent reason.

Very familiar with this problem and those people who suffer from diabetes first and second types, because one of the consequences of this disease is the destruction of blood vessels. In this case, it is recommended to approach the issue of treatment of complex, fully reviewing your diet, refusing from tight shoes, observing the hygiene of lower extremities and taking treatment strictly according to the scheme.

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