The reasons of occurrence of corrugated nails on the hands can be several. For example, fungus, poor manicure, a weakened immune system, damage to the nail plate or a congenital defect. It is worthwhile to discuss every problem in more detail.

To begin consideration of this problem with the fungus. This disease can be obtained from household contacts. For example, by touching the door handle, which touched a carrier of the disease. Also fungus can pick up in the pool, sauna and other public places. Of course, many of them will be reasonable question, and why it does not impress all visitors to the baths? It is a matter of immunity. If the body is weakened, then all diseases start to stick much faster, and the lack of vitamins adversely affect the state of the nail. To cure fungus, you must turn to the experts, in order to pick the right remedy and cure nails. And also boost the immune system and nourish the body with vitamins. On the nail plate good influence calcium, iron, vitamins A, E and C. in Addition to this, let’s not forget about fluoride, which is found in fish, shrimp, eggs and other products. And not worth your attention, such a component as sulfur. This prevents inflammatory diseases of the nails.

If nails became wavy due to damage to the nail plate, it is important to clarify the nature of this phenomenon. The most trivial example damage to the nail – ballpoint pen. If when writing overly push the handle to the index or middle finger, from a strong pressure may be deformed nail plate. A similar problem can happen and women who work on the computer using only two-three fingers. Therefore, if the cause of corrugated nails in this, you should exclude such moments and, over time, the nails will acquire a healthy appearance.

Some women, manicure at home and do not suspect, that may damage the nail plate. But a very good reason. Since most of the problems with nails, due to incorrect, not skillful manicure. So ladies, who used to care for yourself, it is recommended to be very careful when handling nails. Should not push back the cuticles metal objects, as this can damage the nail plate. Not worth обкусывать and tear the burrs, as if the skin injure, the wound can get the dirt and bacteria that badly affects the health of your nails. And the ladies who already have problems with the nail plate, it is recommended to do uncut manicure and before the procedure to hold the handles in the bath with sea salt.

But it also happens that wavy nails given to man from birth. Most frequently only one nail is ill (usually thumb) . Doctors diagnosed with nail dystrophy», i.e. the nail plate do not have enough vitamins and minerals. Of course, one looks wavy nail is not very aesthetically pleasing, and for women who do manicure and nails cover varnish, such defect brings a lot of problems. But not upset. At desire and patience you can align and such a nail plate. It is necessary to buy in a pharmacy vitamin A in liquid form and, using a cotton pad, apply wavy nail twice a day. Such manipulation allow energize the nail plate. The result of the use of vitamin can be seen in 2-3 weeks, main improvement of the appearance of the nail not to throw procedure. Otherwise all back.

Another good people’s way – lubricated nail plates garlic. The effect is much faster than from the use of the vitamin. One minus – specific smell which seemed ведается in the nail.

Using such simple ways you can save your nails in excellent condition and heal the sinuosity of a nail plate, and just nourish it. The main thing is not to be lazy.


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