The desire to be loved, cherished and an object of admiration of course for any of the fair sex. Of course, in achieving this goal important role to play, as many believe, attractive appearance.

When this is hardly on the earth one woman, natural data which comply fully with some sort of abstract ‘ ideal ‘ standards, replicated media and завладевшим minds ladies. Many women, looking at the covers of fashion magazines, with which they are endowed with slightly arrogant smiles impeccable (and thoroughly «отфотошопленные») «Queen of beauty», earns in this regard, the present complex of inferiority and insecurity in the power of his charm. Sometimes they all are ready to give to an iota closer to the infinitely distant from them, in their opinion, the ideal of beauty.

Where there is demand there will be supply. Modern beauty industry declares its ability to correct for «annoying mistakes» of nature. The problem of small Breasts or loose skin can be solved using plastic surgery, faded color hair – proper paint. . . Where it is impossible to achieve anything ordinary use of special cosmetic products, in the course is hiding external defects. Besides, this is the way to go always easier, because in this case the «tuning» takes less time than the action of conservative methods.

One of such ways of solving problems in a nonideal appearance is a nail. Brittle, dull, short nail plates after one to two hours in a nail office transform into beautiful, shiny, long, slightly pointed ends – just the way a woman sees them in their dreams. Moreover hands with similar «claws» looks much sleeker, more careful.

However, покупаясь so beautiful «cover», wishing to do this procedure lady is not always thinks about the implications of this risk in the future. Not every wizard will warn you about that experience nails after the building, what changes (in some cases – малообратимые) happen with them. Working in beauty salons, specialists always telling their clients in the safety of such procedures – say, at observance of all technologies no harm to nail plates will not. However, in this case, they are highly disingenuous and keep back.

To begin with it is necessary to say that any manipulation of this kind is a huge stress for the nails. On this occasion, it is worth to recall that part of the procedure that precedes directly накладыванию artificial material (acrylic or gel) . Usually in such cases, own the nail plate women are запиливанию. Although manicure assure that halted a couple of keratin layers (their total number on each nail about a hundred) a material will not harm, too much depends on qualification of the expert. There are cases when thus lover extend nails actually deprived of its own.

As one of the possible troubles in this case is the degeneration of the nail plate. This disease happens for many reasons, and the coarse mechanical impact and trauma of keratin layers are on their list is far not last. As «aggravating circumstances» for the manifestation of the disease should also include the violation of the natural hygiene, blood circulation and the supply of nails (which, by the way, those thin and become quite fragile) .

The risk increases many times and if, wanting to save money on escalating of nails, the woman asked for such a service in the first beauty, and couldn’t manage to find out the skills of working in the it specialists, to find out information about the quality of their work (at least the reviews of other customers) and of materials used. Many cheap compounds are extremely toxic, which could negatively impact not only on the nails, but also the health of the organism in General. Too high a price for the desire to have beautiful hands!

Dystrophy has a damaging effect on the Horny layers, and in a grave case of its manifestations lady runs the risk of losing the natural keratin «decoration» of his fingers. The disease itself is not held in the absence of adequate treatment, it leads only to exacerbate the situation. Because when it appears («alarm» should serve as a longitudinal or transverse grooves on a rimmed plates) should urgently seek medical advice.

However, the risk dystrophy potential harm resulting from the nail is not limited. The list of such problems it is necessary to add and allergies. However, manicure assure that it can be avoided, if not give the material to build to get to the skin or any other body tissue, except for the nail plates. Also remember that in a good beauty salon should have a well-equipped ventilation system is thus not only masters, but also to their customers will minimize inhale harmful fumes from those used in those or other manipulation of materials.

Отважившись on the nail, do not forget about the likelihood of them fungal diseases. At non-observance of technology of this procedure under the artificial surface creates a greenhouse effect seems to be very favorable for the development of fungi and mould environment. Struck by any of them nail starts to crumble, break down, turn yellow or duck. All this usually leads to the loss.

In any case, before visiting the nail salon need first to pay a visit to a dermatologist and get his recommendations on increasing. Often in such talks woman knows that for a number of diseases such procedure is extremely undesirable.

Even if there are no contraindications, nail you cannot do all the time. At least once a year should be given their natural Horny plates «breathing room» for at least 3-4 weeks, all this time worrying about their nutrition and health.


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