From the moment of birth a child enters a fantastic new world of sounds, smells, shapes, images, sensations. A little discoverer the step by step exploring an unfamiliar world. Each part is seen and heard creates an overall picture of the surrounding world. Along with this is formed the child’s attitude to life, his preferences, his character.

An important part of our lives is music. Music is the language of emotion. It can change the mood, to reassure, to encourage, to entertain. Modern life is very closely intertwined with music. We hear it every day: at home, in town, at work, in transport, on the phone, on TV, on the radio. Your child also can hear it. It is inevitable. Therefore, many parents are wondering what the music for newborns is useful and what is harmful, what kind of music you can listen to older children and how best to protect them.

The best option would be the purchase of special collections of children’s music. But you need to buy only certified and licensed CDs. Therefore, making a purchase, be extremely vigilant.

A child psychologist can help you with the selection and tell what kind of music is optimal for your child’s age.

You can experiment on your own, but very carefully. Do not try to accustom the baby to the classical music. It is very complicated and emotional. Even the tunes that you like, you can frighten the child an abrupt change of tempo and expressiveness. Do not forget that young children have very sensitive hearing.

You better try the easiest and relaxing artworks of style Lite or lounge. It is a good idea to try compilations with recordings of the voices of nature. Carefully watch the reaction of the baby. Determine what kind of music he likes. Which he calms down and falls asleep. What tunes he listens with interest.

Strongly not recommended, loud , aggressive and heavy styles of music. This music has a devastating effect on the immature psyche of children.

Don’t forget that the best music for your baby, is the mother’s voice and the sound of mother’s heart. Gentle hugs and quiet lullaby.

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