They say that the beautiful and well – groomed hands is the girl’s face. Every self-respecting woman would not allow that her nails were in terrible condition. And for this it is necessary to constantly make manicure.

Now there are thousands of kinds of various manicure. Girls can choose to suit every taste and color. But almost all women always want something new. Therefore, the masters on manicure offer original version – do gradient manicure. From the name itself shows that the manicure is interesting not only with its bright colors, but the technique of drawing. And this is not surprising since the color that is colored in a way gradation. Then there is taken separately of any color (e.g., blue) . Then the nail plate to put make-up so that one color had several shades.

The manicure is popular with many famous personalities. After all that manicure has not only to the original colors, but also some magical power.

Anna Vladimirovna Шурочкина (currently working under the pseudonym «Nyusha») likes to do a gradient manicure. According to her, it is great because it came to any party, nor a girl that will not happen. Moreover, manicure attract a lot of people. And this is very important for the singer. She says that it is desirable for him to do in the checked salon, where is the real professionals. Singer once made this manicure some specialist, however, she not only ruined everything, but still and began to swear with the girl. In General Nyusha’t want to talk about the details of this situation, but advises still not save on manicure and do it from a reputable masters.

This manicure can make any girl. But you have to read a lot and watch video tutorials. However, after this manicure might not quite be what was intended. Therefore, it is advisable to enroll to the courses, which will help to make manicure correctly and efficiently.

After a few lessons, you should practice. What do you need? Sponges, scissors, cotton sticks, nail Polish remover, base and top coat. But the most important is the choice of the varnish. Need 2 different colors to create a gradient manicure. The mod is now in very bright colors. But the best variant is a «rainbow». Here it is necessary to use all the colors of the rainbow. Only now this manicure time will last at least two hours.

As it applied? But for starters, you can experiment on the gradient manicure, called «Summer». Should put it on the nail plate base varnish (green) . Then give it time to dry. Then you apply a lighter varnish the whole length of the nail. Then again, you must wait for 5-6 minutes. Next, you need a little sponge to apply 2 stripes varnish. These stripes should be close to one another. After that you need to put the sponge to the nail «чпокоющими movements, starting from the tip of the nail. After painting the need to be removed once the varnish with finger nail Polish remover. You can paint unevenly. It will even look imaginative. Still, it is desirable not to start at all with gradient manicure, because it is considered one of the most difficult.

However, gradient nail design you can think of yourself. So it will be quite simple. Here only it is important to combine colors. It is worth noting that it is forbidden to use in this type of manicure black and white colours. Manicure must be original, and therefore, he must have lots of shades. Dream possible and necessary, the main thing is to nail varnish looked beautiful. Also important is accuracy and originality. Therefore it is necessary to include fantasy and act!

Any manicure beautiful, if it was done by the professional of his case. It is worth noting that the gradient manicure very difficult and the cost will be not cheap. Therefore, it is advisable not to save on nails, because all the beauty can spoil.


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