Nail form in the style of the pipe is intended on the one hand, for those women that like the combination of classics and facilities, on the other – are in step with the times. It is distinguished elegance and perfect for any form of hands.

What shape would neither was chosen, it is important to be guided by one of the main rules is to decorate nails the hand, and the length and shape of nails should be the same on all fingers.

«Pipe» in the English – tube. This is a very original solution which does not require its owner no victims in the name of beauty. Nails are formed using acrylic or gel, a boning, so break them is almost impossible. Nail form pipe is also suitable for every day and for special occasions, because it is perfectly possible to diversify with the help of design.

Nails pipe combine both forms, the square on the sides and the oval of the free edge. The oval arch has 50 percent of the circle and canted at a forty-toe degrees tips. If you look at the nails on the side, they are very similar to the split along the length of the tube. Exactly due to this similarity nails and got its name.

When choosing the form of the nail, you should remember that it should be possible to repeat the shape of the nail bed, and combined with the form of fingers. Only with this approach can produce a result that will please the eye.

If the form of the nail plate is chosen correctly, occurs visual lengthening fingers that give your hands grace. Seeing friends or acquaintances, looks like a nail form pipe, photo of ready works of the masters, women involuntarily arise a desire to do yourself a similar beauty.

Nails pipe can not be attributed to the form of light. Not every master is ready to perform such work, because when modeling is very important to observe all relations and make the side edges of the nail plate clearly parallel, the free edge should be exactly half of the circle. Do everything in accordance with the requirements only by an experienced master of nail service.

Nail extension pipe

Material for nail extension pipe is acrylic paste, although recently used a gel. But before you apply substrate, master necessarily processes nails to cause them a primer or bond. Then under the free edge of the nail is enclosed form of coiled in the cone and begins laying out the substrate. Thus is formed the width and length of the future of the nail. From what width is the artificial nail, it depends for its strength.

Form of the nail bed is made as similar to the oval. The procedure of building and formation of artificial nails differs from all other methods: first, increasing the nail in the field of cuticle, the free edge, then move on to stress zone and line «tunnel». The only feature when modeling such a shape – With-bend and transverse arch, which should be at exactly half of the circle.

Optionally, the S-shaped curve can be slightly reduced, make less rounded. In such cases, the wizard form the nail is not in half circle, and 20-30 % of its circumference. Central line of the nail is both a rib, because the nail is bent inward. Such effect can be achieved quite difficult.

The master can give a guarantee on a few classic forms of nail and their length. So, the length of the simulated edge of the nail plate should be 1/3,1/2 or equal to the length of the natural nail. All other lengths belong to the class of extreme, and none of the master does not dare to give a guarantee.

After the material is fully cured, nails attached to a perfect rounded shape with the formation of the upper slopes. It is very important that as a result of filing and polishing nails kept strict parallelism on the side edges and закругленность towards the free edge. At the end of increasing the nail polished to a Shine and is prepared for further decoration.

Nail shape of the pipe will look in the form of French and in the form of a volumetric sculpture, polychrome painting, coating with reflective particles. As for full decoration is very important to the proper length of the nail. High demand this form of nails is very popular among brides wedding design.

Disadvantages nail pipe

As each method of building, the pipe has its drawbacks:

If consolidation is acrylic, throughout the procedure, have to endure a harsh and unpleasant smell acrylic paste. In addition to the strong smell, acrylic paste there is another unpleasant moment – methyl. This is quite aggressive component that some people may cause an allergic reaction.

Therefore, before you start, you should warn the master about the presence of allergic reactions (if any) . Although in this situation there – you can find a master who works with gel or acryl, but more of a new generation, which contains methyl methacrylate, and less aggressive ingredient – этилметакрилат. It is harmless to the human body.

When you remove the gel material must be cut, and acrylic though you can dissolve a special liquid and repaired during the socks, but he also has the disadvantage of acrylic nails are in the process of wearing yellow and elimination of this defect is difficult to correction.

Any artificial material prevent the normal growth and development of own nail, so occasionally I need to remove the material and give nails rest. Thus you can avoid thinning and deformation own nail plate.

After removing the material from the nails, they need not only rest, but also an additional intensive care. Cosmetic procedures should be directed, not strengthening nutrition and restoration of the nail plate.

Oval shape of the free edge of the nail requires very frequent correction. After 2-3 weeks from the moment of increasing the shape of the free bevelled edge begins to change in the direction of almonds.

The task of each of the professional masters of nail service approach to any customer considering the shape of the hand, life style. If the form of the nail was chosen correctly, the result is pleasing to the eye and the client, and the wizard.


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