Any hair care, is their systematic haircut. Whether you need, make a new haircut or just remove split ends hair, you should pay attention that according to legends exist, both favorable and not very auspicious days of the week. By the way the type of hair, which you can read here, too much depends. So before you go to the hairdresser remember what day it is.


Волосы и понедельникOn Monday and you can paint, and bobbing your hair. Haircut hair that day of the week, will help you get rid of the accumulated negative traits and hair color to help start new page in life.


If you are tired of the monotony of everyday life, you apathy, a tendency to depression, there are no forces on the solution of life problems, chronic fatigue is worth a try for a haircut on Tuesday, it will help you gather your strength.


The haircut, made on Wednesday, will help you to make in your life something new – a new job, friends, a variety of travel and other bright colors and events.


What about Thursday – this day is traditionally considered one of the most favorable days for hair cutting. If you want to change for the better relations with loved ones, family and friends, to make a successful career, and in General to attract success and good luck – choose this day.


Стрижка в пятницуFriday – day of beauty. If you want to improve the appearance and become more attractive, sexier, or cardinally change the image – haircut on Friday the perfect time for this day. In addition, your haircut is likely to turn out exactly as you planned.


Haircut on Saturday will help the hair healthier, become more smooth, silky, shiny. On this day, it is recommended to cut those dreams to grow long hair, after cutting Saturday noticed that the hair is starting to grow faster.


And finally – Sunday is the day in which, it is strongly recommended not to get a haircut, you run the risk of «cut» their luck and prosperity.

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