The desire of women to adorn themselves expressed the desire to have beautiful long nails. Them look dainty fingers and hand acquires the aristocracy. And if nails decorated with a pattern or rhinestones, it invariably attracts.

In order to fully understand the consequences of escalating of nails, the right to have at least a General idea of how these nails are arranged, and what determines their health and external appeal. In the beginning of the nail, the place which is hidden under the skin of the finger is located matrix base that produces adhesive keratin cells. They, passing through the thin holes become flatter and form a nail plate. Studies have shown that the thickness of the nail depends on the matrix: the longer it is, the nail stronger. Therefore, the most important and vulnerable is the base plate, the damage of which leads to a violation of the formation and growth of keratin cells. Currently, there are many technologies that allow you to build up your nails. But the main of them – two: gel and acrylic capacity. Originally acrylic bought by dentists, so that in itself is harmless. But in the treatment capacity of this powder is used in conjunction with a resin, which is not as harmless to the nail plate. If we consider the gel and acrylic in terms of safety for health of the nail, then the conclusion is one: the gel allows plate «breathe» and under the thick layer of it. And acrylic, on the contrary, tightly clog the smallest holes, which is not surprising: the material was used in the manufacture of seals for the teeth. Besides, chemical substances, included in the composition of acrylic resin, leads to the thinning of the nail plate and its fragility.

Often after the removal of artificial nails women notice uneven plate: it begins to grow, «waves», and the places which were under the layer of acrylic or gel, look faded and damaged. In sensitive to the chemical components of the people have an allergic reaction, which are expressed in the burning, itching and all kinds of discomfort. Often the consequence of wearing artificial nails is the occurrence of such a trouble as fungal diseases. Harmful microorganisms изъязвляют the nail surface, formed in the glue-holes, through which the infection penetrates into the skin and the blood of man.

Another factor contributing to the state of the nail is incorrect processing – preparation to capacity. Despite the fact that safe for health of the plate can be removing only 2-3 upper layers of keratin cells, manicure time remains unchanged and still nails are processed masters in much greater depth. Over time, this leads to their degradation and the emergence of fragility, and color takes on a bluish tinge. You should know that the coarse of a nail file can shoot 25-30 layers of keratin cells, thus providing free access to the deep layers of nail to various harmful microorganisms and chemical components glues and varnishes. Deface nails and cause substantial harm to the body can incompetence wizard performs a manicure. If the nail in front of the building is covered by the basic layer of the plate soon will, because of the impact on deep layers of keratin cells chemical components of lacquer or glue. Wrong captions and processing nail lead to the emergence of grooves and holes. If removing cuticle happens fairly often and incorrectly, the plate is speed and thinning.

Despite the fact that the nails after the building is likely to have an unhealthy appearance and become brittle and layered, this does not stop the ladies in the quest to wear long nails that adorn their hands.


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