Today the beautiful and well-groomed hands with the fine manicured are an essential attribute of each of tracking the women. As is known, this procedure though not time-consuming and costly, but requires a certain regularity.

Crazy rhythm of life does not always leave time to care for you. So visit beauty salons every week, sometimes there is no time and opportunity. You can either watch manicure and condition of nails yourself, which is not easy and requires a lot of effort, or find an alternative solution. Making manicure at home or visiting the wizard, it is impossible to enjoy the result obtained for a long time. In addition to the usual domestic Affairs, which, in one way or another engaged in every woman, there are usual hygienic procedures, sports hall and so on. Usually the consequence of this is damage and cracks on the surface of the nail, then even the most beautiful and carefully done manicure have to be removed or updated. Both require time and money; and repeated application of identical image or pattern is often impossible, because each nail painting is done manually.

Naturally, for a long time keep the nails of acrylic or gel, which quite a long time were in Vogue at the will of the legislators beauty fashion. But gradually opinion about the dangers of such a manicure established, and many of the ladies could see it by the example of their nails. In addition, this manicure very often been the cause of the injury, after removing gel or acrylic linings struck a painful condition of the nail.

The best option for women who value their time, is one of the latest cosmetic developments – shellac, which is a tool that combines all the advantages of a varnish and gel coating. It is worth to say that the shades of shellac very diverse, so that every woman can choose the colors of her suit. There is quite common, but erroneous opinion растиражированное on the Internet, that there are only about a dozen basic shades of coverage. Indeed, at the time of launch this tool had a small palette, but the manufacturer is working hard to over колористикой, constantly adding new dimensions to the existing color. Shellac only relatively recently begun to gain popularity as manicure lasts about a month, that is a real panacea for many girls, leading an active life.

Choosing any color coating with manicure, it’s worth knowing that it will look much brighter and more spectacular any nail Polish. Even doing a normal French manicure pastel tones, nails will look like after a cosmetic procedure, and two weeks later, as shellac not tarnish over time and does not crack, unlike conventional varnishes. The advantage of the coverage is not only harmless for healthy nails, but protection against infections. As for colors, the components palette, the feature of the product is that much attention to the manufacturer pays shades, which are at the peak of popularity in the season. Thus, when buying any item on sale or from the fashion collection, you can be completely confident that exists, and the corresponding color of shellac.

With manicure or pedicure with the help of technology on the basis of this coating does not occur increasing the nail plate, even though it is wrongly asserted by some article. Shellac is intended only to strengthen the nail when applying for the account of its natural properties, strengthened with the help of modern technologies.

But it is necessary to take into account the fact that the house, you can choose only the desired color and shades of drawing, since such a manicure well enough, you can run only in a salon, in which there is all necessary equipment. Selecting any of the available colors in the palette, of which there are over fifty, is to know that the price for a similar manicure will be significantly higher than normal. Due to its reinforcing properties of the coating shellac is not cheap, but worth the money. Despite the fact that the hardening of the coating requires special conditions – lamp with ultraviolet light, the color of this is not damaged or distorted, regardless of his tone and intensity. The advantage of shellac and is giving nail Shine and gloss, that is noticeable even when choosing a transparent or a very light shade cover.

Among the key advantages of this tool is its versatility. It is suitable for owners of nails of different shapes and lengths. Poor condition of the plate it allows her to recover, because it creates a protective layer on top of the damaged, injured or potreskavšegosâ nail. When such defects, it is better to choose rich, but not too flashy in color, which is quite a lot in the palette shellac. While worn coverage, their nails usually return to normal, and restored to their natural structure and beauty.

Manicure done with shellac, not afraid of no domestic chemistry. This means that even after the regular dishwashing even the brightest color, available in the palette, not how much will fade and will not cease to Shine. On many popular websites dedicated to health and beauty, you can read reviews about the fact that the number of colors shellac leaves much to be desired. But it is not so long ago; among existing shades has almost everything – from gentle pastel pink to saturated black. In addition, there are always new colors to mark the most popular in the fashion season.

The richness of the palette can not but rejoice, because it consists of fifty-one color. A special advantage is that all colors can be combined, imposing on each other second and third layer.


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