In the article, all interested persons can get acquainted with those, what are the materials for nail, and for nail to make them surprisingly great.

What kind of materials for nail need? All novices at the first stage are asking this question. But first you need to know that only with the use of quality materials, you can get beautiful nails for a long time.

To make a nail, you need to determine what technology will be carried out. You can use acrylic or gel. There are a number of materials have become a must, and they are applied in a variety of technologies extension. For example tips used for lengthening natural nail bed. Also, of course, need the glue to tips adjoined to the nails and held firmly.

Naturally need and forms to build, they are disposable and reusable. The first made on a paper base, and the latter on the metal, wear on their fingers, and thus does not require glue. At the beginning of the work procedures, the moisture is removed from the nails, tool dehydrator, which has air refreshing effect and helps to relieve the sticky layer.

The artificial material and nail plates good grappled with each other, this will help primer. It is of two kinds, acid and некислотным. His distinguished by the ability of hitch. Acid primer is applied to raise the scales and drying nail to prepare them for сцепливанию with artificial material. He very deeply penetrates into the nail and acts on it, but only suitable for problem nails. The primer, which is not in the content of acids, thoroughly penetrates the nail lodges and hooking them with material on an artificial basis. Work it like a bilateral adhesive tape as carefully protects him. These materials are needed for all types of extensions, but now let’s deal with concrete.

Acrylic capacity

In a similar form of nails, lamp-drying is not required, as acrylic well dries up and on the air. Along with the materials listed above require other. Need monomer, it contributes to the formation reactions of polymerization and together with him you can mix acrylic powder that also needed to increase. Not less important is the means by which remove lacquer. Feature worth noting in this type of build-up gel is that cutting acrylic not required, it well enough removed with a solvent, foil ILM same cotton discs.

Gel extension;

For the procedure of build-up gel need a lamp, with a capacity of not less than 36 watt. Of course, you can apply the lamp and with lower capacity, for example 9 watts, but it’s more of a problem than the effect, as lost most of the time wasted. In the presence of low-power lamps, drying one nail will occur within ten minutes, and using lamp 36 watt, they dry up much скоротечнее. The next important aspect is gels that have content of non-ferrous pigments, they will freeze only under high-power lamp. Precisely in order to produce safe and correct build, you will need to purchase supplies and appropriate lamp. You will also need a good understanding of what are single-phase and multiphase range of materials. For single-phase only applies only form of gel, and in polyphase, in each phase of the application uses a particular gel stages. Undoubtedly need and small materials such as a variety of brushes and a nail file, without them, the procedure of capacity is simply impossible.

The most important rule or condition for compliance with nail extension is that just recommended to use only high-quality materials. Otherwise, perfect and qualitative development to achieve not happen.

In the procedure, regardless of the type of nail extension, you must have good knowledge of what is needed for nail extension and how to conduct it, to achieve a good result.

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