As usually happens, the natural nails every woman after the building start to become very soft, brittle and dull. Not everyone is given by nature to have a beautiful well-groomed nails.

To restore the nails after extension will need a lot of time, which is lacking in women. Many enjoy convenient way, visiting a beauty salon where cosmetologists conduct necessary procedures. Or in another case, you can use folk remedies recovery nails. And now, in the modern world of beauty salons spend a great number of services. For example, such well-known as eyelash extensions, hair or nails. Earlier, these procedures were not well known and not available to everybody, now many can afford it and each time is more popular among the fairer sex.

But every woman wants to look their best, so resorted to nail modeling. This procedure helps to any modern woman to be better, more attractive. But what is the state and mood of a woman, when increasing need to remove them, and their natural nails need to be put in order. Only after that almost every woman seriously ponder such a problem, how to restore nails after the building. But the difference between the problem of every woman is whether the damaged nail plate and of course in how to recover a nail.

In the cabin usually offer a special sealing process nail plates. Master nails deals nails substances that help strengthen your nails with the help of gluing slightly damaged scales. The result will definitely be positive, the nails become healthy and beautiful, and most importantly, unpleasant sensations disappear and pain, resulting in damage to the nail plate. Even the most popular procedure is the application of Biogel on the damaged areas of the nail plate. This method protects nails, giving them a very neat well-groomed image. Nail recovery after the building is also consists in Japanese manicure. There is this procedure significantly long time.

Microelements and nourishing oils applied to the damaged plate. After the nails are covered with paste, specially intended for it, and polishing powder-based waxes. After this Spa treatments nails become shiny, bouncy and healthy. This procedure carries the name of the permanent nail polishing p shine. As already known, the founder of this system recovery nails is the country of the rising sun, Japan. This is a more affordable and effective way to nail care, thanks to which the nails become strong, healthy and beautiful. It differs from other methods of the fact that the observed structure of the nail, and lean attitude to him.

The result exceeds all expectations – leveled surface of the nail plate, disappear nail problems, a healthy sheen and excellent resistance to any negative impact. Success depends on two components – natural ingredients and techniques of this procedure. The main ingredients are natural beeswax, containing propolis, pollen. It was anciently used for medical purposes, mainly for cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. In permanent глянцевании nail it is used for conservation, nutrition and protection texture plates. Also the key ingredient is diatomaceous clay, or it has the name of kieselguhr, which stimulates the process of formation of the plate.

Permanent nail polishing p shine consists of several steps. In the first step, begin to restore plate, using special oil regularly наносящееся for three weeks. The second step consists in removal of the protective layer and clean the surface of the nail plate. This must be done for the preparation of the nail to the nutrition nail paste. The third step is done using the paste, providing the penetration of active elements inside. After absorption with a fingernail paste they become healthy. And the final stage is глянцевании on top of the nail with a powder. The nail is not rubbed on the contrary, there appears an additional layer protecting nutrients, and not смывающийся water.

In order to have an idea how to restore the nails after extension need not have a perfect knowledge. Another way to nail treatment consists in the use of hot manicure. Nails must steam out in a nutrient hot lotion, after which they cover protecting varnish. This procedure is desirable to do no more than once a week, until the moment when the nails are restored.

You can restore nails faster with salt baths, then cover plate sea-buckthorn oil, olive or peach oil. Also sold a lot of funds to restore the nails after the building.

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