Еженедельная битва обложек: 25.11-01.12

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Friday, and that means that on the agenda – the best cover of the weekly gloss!

The hero of a fresh issue of HELLO! became an actor in the third generation Petr Fedorov, who gave the popular publishing a Frank interview.

On the cover of OK! – famous athlete Irina Slutskaya with children: Russian figure skater reported that her “nothing was easy”.

“The face” of the cover-story magazine Grazia this week became the inimitable Hollywood star – Angelina Jolie that still decided to leave the cinema world, to devote more time to his family.

Completes our survey edition Star Hit on the cover of the weekly reappeared heroine of Russian reality show is the leading project Ksenia Borodina, as well as two of its members.

Which of the four covers Russian gloss attracted your attention?

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