Engagement rings have been a symbol of confirmation of marital status, love, and fidelity. Its a vicious cycle is the continuity, stability. During the centuries обручальному ring can be attributed to say mystical importance, it was believed that it affects overall happiness of the spouses. Our ancestors in Ancient Russia as a pledge of love and devotion used coins.

Обручальное кольцо на безымянном пальцеUsually wearing the ring on the ring finger. This tradition was founded by the ancient Greeks. They knew that from the ring finger directly to the heart of man leads a thin thread nerve, so decided to read the jewel of the ring finger directly involved in cardiac work.

Two loving souls, as the two halves of the merged firm circle. Beautiful legends of the antiquity… Today almost all of us take wedding rings as a symbol of unity and understanding. Before deciding on such a serious step, many are thinking about the further joint life, sometimes extractive so complicated.

Разнообразие обручальных колецToday the choice of forms and design became huge. Jewelry make from a variety of materials with different inlays of diamonds, emeralds, pearls or sapphire. The same alloyed engagement rings as the latest fashion trend, part of everyday life of those who could not determine the choice of metal. Range of shades carries a wedding ring from alloys of white, pink, yellow gold.

Almost any jewelry composed of a mixture of gold with various metals, such as silver or copper to gold, in and of itself soft and brittle metal, it is suitable to use for work. Depending on what type of metal in an alloy is more, such a color it turns out in the finished product. As we know, this may be the colour of copper color to white metallic Shine.

Кольца с камнямиToday is a very popular wedding rings with precious stones. In the first place is brilliant, indicating the strong ties of love and generosity of spirit. A diamond ring is an indicator of material prosperity of a new family that will affect the future is very productive.

Mineral vital energy and love is considered a ruby. It will help to settle the disputes between the young couple, dispel evil thoughts. Emerald, as a symbol of the new trend, spring, rejuvenation of nature suitable for spouses to make the long trek to experience the same ardent, enthusiastic feelings, and at the origins of the joint path.

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