Newlyweds waiting for the wedding night with impatience. They are already up to that point had engaged in sexual relations or even a few years lived in a civil marriage, still that doesn’t make it any less important. However, not all are set up the young couple in a romantic mood that night. Some first dismantle the many wedding bouquets and gifts, and then, tiring, not thinking about anything, just go to sleep.

That first night in the new status for lovers remained long in the memory, you should try. First, for all the bustle of preparation for the wedding is not to forget to choose the place for our wedding night. You can rent a room for the night in the hotel or to send all the relatives out of the house and enjoy each other.

Not less important and entourage. You need to choose a linen that will set up the newlyweds in a romantic mood. Of course, underwear should be beautiful from silk or satin. It is very well suited for this event. Satin lingerie is very soft and tender, rest on such tissues pleasant and comfortable. Satin bed linen with embroidery complements the romantic atmosphere of the holiday. To buy clothes in advance need to slowly to choose the embroidery according to your mood. But do not forget that it slips, while it may be uncomfortable. So you can choose underwear made of cotton or linen.

To create a romantic atmosphere use red roses and their petals, candles or balloons.

For a young wife it is important and the choice of underwear. It must attract mate, to excite in him feelings. For this you need to buy a new set of clothes, and not to use what was on the bride during the ceremony.

You should carefully choose music. Must be a song for both of you is a reminder of a sort, only you the slave, a romantic event of life.
You need to turn off the lights and light some candles. Their soft light will soothe and allow you to fully enjoy each other. The use of incense sticks or lamps, incense is also appropriate. Smells of rose, lavender or Jasmine form a unique atmosphere of love.

The wedding night should be remembered spouses to the Golden wedding, and maybe more. Memories of her will warm their feelings from year to year.

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