свадебный дизайн ногтейWedding day every woman wants to look great, regardless of which time she goes to the altar. Luxurious dress, elegant hairstyle, tastefully chosen accessories and, of course, wedding nail design – all these components of the image of the bride are very important. And if to take a responsible approach to planning their own wedding, the memories of that day will please many, many years.


Features wedding manicure

For wedding guest’s attention is usually drawn to the newlyweds, who at the hands flaunt brand new engagement ring. Almost every wedding album contains pictures of the hands of the groom and the bride close-up, and this means that manicure necessarily have to be perfect.

As a rule, the bride try to emphasize solemnity of the moment using the elegant nail design. The wedding day you can afford the most luxurious decor, though, of course, do not forget about the sense of measure.

So, it’s not customary for wedding nail art distract attention away from the ring – the main decoration in the hands of the bride. Besides, it is necessary to decor nails match the dress color and style.


Classic outfit

The vast majority of girls disclaims experiments with the style on your wedding day, giving preference to classical along – the traditional white dress. Perfectly complement such an outfit nail design in soft white and pink. The ideal choice would be a classic French manicure that always looks elegant. Natural and at the same time elegant design wedding choose even such stars, as, for example, Kim Kardashian. And to sophisticated «French» not looked casually, not prevent additional decorations.

Special attention in your wedding manicure paid to the fourth finger of the right hand that fits wedding ring. On this finger classic French manicure can be supplemented with small crystals, drawings, lace or volumetric modeling. On the other nails design can be more humble.

If you want to decorate every nail is preferable discreet and refined design. For example, perfectly complement the French manicure tiny transparent crystals, located at the tips of the nails. Fine and imitation lace on the white part of the nail.

Polish bride looks perfectly painted in pastel shades of exquisite flowers, hearts, doves and other symbols of youth, love and marital happiness perfectly complement the traditional image and emphasize the importance of the wedding celebration. Ideally, if the nail design will tend to overlap with the details of the toilet bride or accessories. For example, if decoration dresses or shoes used pearls, mother of pearl is appropriate and the nails, and if the dress is decorated with sparkling crystals, in manicure worth using rhinestones.

If the dress is really gorgeous, do not abuse the ornament of nails to not look vulgar. The best choice in this situation will be refined manicure in pastel colours with simple decor, or without it. If you specify a modest dress, manicure may be its best decoration. Nails in this case, you can generously decorated with rhinestones, глиттером, foil and bulky decorations. Well, if nail design this will overlap with the main decoration for the bride – the wedding ring.


Extravagant outfit

Long white dress aren’t your only option attire for the bride. In the saloons wedding dresses can be found pink, light blue, Golden or shades of peach and the bravest brides opt for a wedding celebration bright colors – red, deep purple, orange, and even black.

Certainly, in conjunction with the extravagant dress classic wedding manicure in white and pink colors may look ridiculous. Much better to do nail design, suitable colour of the dress. If the dress is elegant, it is appropriate to be two-dimensional or three-dimensional painting: exquisite floral motifs or traditional wedding decor. To dress the original cut is better to choose something more interesting. For example, beautifully would look fashionable «caviar» manicure. The fit and the so-called «fan-French – free interpretation of classical French manicure using varnishes bright colors.

If you chose a very unusual dress, it perfectly complements stressed simple, even slightly prudish manicure – modest «French», slightly naive nude, slightly shiny or matte nails in color along. And can be a little play with textures, for example, to paint all nails are polished same color, but for one nail to use a Matt coating, for another – pearl, and for the third sequins… Like a combination of texture looks very interesting, not such a design is chosen by many stars, including Zoe Deschanel, known for its experiments in the field of nail art.


Three-dimensional design

Luxurious three-dimensional design of nails strikes the imagination, but in everyday life molding on the nails usually looks a bit bulky and awkward. Whether business holidays… At a wedding can be even afford such a calling impracticality, as long nail decoration. In conjunction with the bride’s dress similar decor can look just magical.

Usually surround design is performed on the extended nails, although sometimes these decorations are attached directly to the natural nail plates. As a rule, nails brides decorated with delicate flowers and floral motifs in pastel colours.

Three-dimensional decoration can only slightly above the level of the nail – for example, if a painting nails are used colours mixed with acrylic powder. Such relief drawings look very attractive.

Sometimes for nail decoration and used a fairly large decorative elements – for example, convex flowers collected from several petals. Such jewelry difficult called practical, but they look extremely effectively. Very often molding on the nails combined with the usual painting, as if its continuation. Unfortunately, panelists design elements can easily catch something, and as a result of manicure may deteriorate. Therefore, three-dimensional design requires a very careful treatment.

Because surround design of short-lived and not very convenient in everyday life, to decorate nails thus wizard is recommended not earlier than the day before the wedding. Before going on a honeymoon, design, perhaps we need to correct in the cabin, by removing the speakers elements.

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