свадебные прически для длинных волосWedding is the most important event in the life of each woman who tries to make its image of the bride unforgettable. The choice of dresses and hairstyles for special attention, as it will be glued views of the guests throughout the day, and they will remain memorable photos for the family album. You cannot deny one features: for the wedding, many girls are trying to grow their hair them to create a beautiful hairdo. Course short haircuts possible to make a stylish stacking for this celebration, but it was long hair and give brides, and stylists, scope for creativity. Wedding hairstyles for long hair always look especially effectively and feminine.

How to choose a wedding updo for long hair

Someone from brides selects hairstyle under the dress, making her extravagant, solemn, for what it is acceptable in this day. The other girls prefer to dwell on more laconic styles of wedding styling, not much departing from the canons of its everyday style. The choice of a specific styling is a matter of personal preference, of fashionable trends, and the health and even the color of the hair, their health and natural Shine. Regardless of skill stylist who creates elaborate hairstyle on long hair the bride, she will have to live with it all day, and it is important that she was comfortable with and not split up when unrestrained merriment with dances, or the comic celebration contests.

If you have long, shiny black hair, which you wished you to emphasize choose hairstyles elements with smooth, without an abundance of decorative rings of hair or braids. The dark hair look great decoration contrasting colour, hair clips, hair pins with pearls, transparent crystals, stones, simulating diamonds.

Large curls is also a great choice for dark long hair, subject to their health because of the split ends and dull curls such laying poorly kept and looks pretty bad.

If you are a holder in light of the nature or highlighted hair, you should pay attention to the hairstyles in which structure is present, the original weave, interesting elements. On the blonde hair visible fashion braids ears, harnesses. But if you have made a choice in favor of this hairstyle, do not overdo it with a lot of accessories, otherwise placement will look heavy.

When you create a wedding hairstyles for long blonde hair to keep in mind the need to balance the structure of hairstyles and accessories. Major natural curls well combined with large ornaments, for example, artificial colors. If you select the clock with a small braids, swirls, note the small jewelry pins with yellow or colorless transparent stones.

If your hair is very thin, regardless of their color, better not to leave strands freely lying and making high and fully забранную hairstyle. Thin hair under стайлинговыми means of a few hours «dumped», and hair straightened, and hairstyle look lifeless. With заколотыми hair you will have no problems throughout the wedding day.

Simple hairstyles

The most simple variant wedding hairstyles for long hair, which even do not need to go to the hairdresser, would be soft waves on the loose hair parting. To make it need a little laying Moussa for fixing the volume, tongs of large diameter and varnish easy fixation. Twisted strands need a referral from the person. To make this simple hairstyles wedding, it’s best to wear diadem with large stones, which will complement concise outfit. This hairstyle is good for young brides who appreciate simple styles and naturalness.

Lateral low tail – one more perfect hairstyle for the wedding. It is suitable for those who want to pick up the hair, but not remove them completely. For it is not required nor the numerous styling products, no long hours in the chair stylist. The tips of the hair can be a little twist with large diameters. Best short oblique parting with imitation long side bangs. On the top of his hair a little tease and приглаживаются, as in the style of the sixties. Wedding solemnity laying will give a big flower on the side.

Careless side spit with a floral wreath will be the perfect hair for a summer wedding, when does not want to construct nothing complicated, especially if the style celebration allows. To spit looked more volume, hair pre better to slightly tweak. Pin tip you can own hair with invisible barrette for more confident commit.

Smooth high ponytail with tow – unusual, fresh, simple hairstyle for a wedding. It combines extravagance image and simple execution. For such installation hair to pull irons and carefully smooth styling cream. Embedded in the tail tape emphasizes the simplicity of this hairstyles and gives it a «flavor», combined with the solemn occasion.

Spit – an inexhaustible source of inspiration for stylists, who invent wedding hairstyles. One of such examples is two braids structure and the method of laying of which are ideal for the bride. Hair is divided into two parts, one spit-Kolosok stammer forward, the other one stays behind. Hairstyle is decorated with large mesh veil with a flower and a feather in the style of the twenties.

Low elegant hairstyle

Fully picked up her hair to choose wedding brides who prefer elegance, convenience and high style. These hairstyles universal because they are suitable for the bride of any age, combined dress in any style, look very feminine and always timely. Low texture hairstyles are especially good for blondes, hair which, often devoid of natural radiance, gaining in sophistication and pompous beauty.

One of the most familiar and favorite styles for wedding hairstyles for long hair – French braid around the head, behind which carefully selected surround beam. It goes perfectly with the dress in the Greek style, add an elegant jewelry barrette or vintage comb.

Long hair can be laid in such a way that the hair will look and elegant and relaxed. As the basis of need curly or wound hair, which are placed behind many hairpins and invisible in slipshod free rings. Flower side will give the image of completeness. This hairstyle is suitable for brides who refuse smoothness, but do not want to leave hair freely lying.

Convenience smoothness can be combined with the stylish extravagance of a multi-level node. Create a hairdo can only superior creative stylist, after all, and wide side braids, and the very low built to look perfect. Additional volume and a spectacular contrast laying gives a combination of man-made locks of dark colours woven in its lower part.

Smooth high hair

Rakushka – classical evening hairdo, which often opt for a wedding the bride more Mature. And the young girls who don’t want to give up the benefits of this luxurious timeless styling can also take advantage of its benefits. Traditional shell should be combined with the long side bangs or locks, imitating her, as well as short lush veil attached directly to the body of the shells, and not below it, as is often done in classic Bridal укладках.

High volumetric the shell will look very immodest, if not restrict the height of the crown. To this hairstyle is well suited flower decorations with not expressed volumes.

What can be easier for a wedding than a simple smooth beam? To create a more daring image of the beam should be a very large and high, perfectly smooth. Note wedding charm this hairstyle will give a long lace veils vintage fixed beam. This hairstyle looks very modern, and therefore suitable for brides who have chosen a short, concise wedding dress adjoining silhouette.

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