hairstyles 2013 decorate as decorative and natural flowers, stones, crystals, tiaras, hoops, which attract attitudes with the hairstyle of the main accessory of the image of the bride.

  • Wedding laying gradually loses the need to be accurate and verified, becoming unruly and dynamic. One such example hairstyle with fleece on top, laid in the cushions, and decorated with precious branch with pearls and stones, which are combined with embroidered dress.
  • Long hair can be arranged in a neat hairstyle, which, however, looks a dynamic and romantic. This is achieved by laying strands large rings and their decoration voluminous delicate roses.
  • To become a bride in the style of refined hippie-the chic, you can make a simple hairstyle with flowers and curls. Hair wound, on the sides of the float wide spit connecting the rear and is decorating her stylized crown with decorative white flowers.
  • Elegant wedding dresses, opening the shoulders and back, well combined with the complex, richly decorated with haircuts. One of these is being built stylist popular already not the first year rings of hair, which are decorated with flowers and pearls. A special scheme cascade decoration gives hair a sense of movement.
  • High hairstyle with precious diadem – classic wedding image. It smoothness combined with displacement, laying does not hide the necklace and earrings, perfect for elegant brides, fans of minimalism.
  • The sixties very much in fashion in 2013, which is also reflected in the wedding hairstyles. High Babette, a big bun on the back, and the image of the bride complements the small floral element.
  • Spit-crown, which goes in the low sloppy beam is a very popular hair style 2013. To separate the image from the workaday, it is enough to decorate her three precious floral pins.
  • Princess style of our days with a touch of charm centuries ago will create a hairstyle with буклями, adorned with flowers on top.
  • Thin spit crown, which goes in the volume beam in the middle of the head, combined with a veil, with which it is fixed. This style will appeal to modern brides who appreciate classic wedding fashion.
  • In 2013 very popular metallic hair ornaments, which are mounted at the rear. One of the incarnations of the style becomes hairstyle, combining spit-hoops and available vertical curls.
  • The usual hairstyle with a scythe-колоском side can be reinterpreted, if instead of the usual braids weave a shallow cone. Ask the stylist make a hairdo and will be the most stylish modern bride.
  • The power of wedding traditions is not waning, and there are always girls who want to do this packing. It is suitable for medium length hair or short, issued by large rings all over the head and decorated with large rounded pins with rhinestones.
  • A short cut for a wedding can transform, presenting it fresh and unusual. The lock can twist it into a small nodules-wiring, fixing invisible, and decorate hairstyle diadem in the Greek style.

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