Here came that long-awaited moment that is in the dreams of every girl. Lover has finally offered his hand and heart. Here the application is already submitted to the Registrar, the exact date of the wedding, invitations for loved ones printed. Remains the most important for the bride point-the choice of wedding dress.

To buy a luxury wedding dress which in the end will be just lying in your closet. Such a waste of money can not afford one. But you want to look simply divine. Not to spend a fabulous sum on the wedding dress, you can rent it, for example here

Why you should take the dress rental?

In the salons, which offer rental of wedding dresses you can find great options. Luxurious dresses, sometimes even a designer. Rent your dress, you may well save money and later do not have to worry about where to store a wedding dress and to whom to resell. Some hire shops customize dress under figure, also correct length, and optionally can replace the decorative details.

Typically, the amount for the rental are immediately added a dry cleaning, but the bride is still not worth it as per the hire agreement will specify the damage that will be considered as incorrigible, such damage must pay a separate penalty. The cost of rental will depend on the original prices of the dresses, it is usually about 30-50% of the amount of the outfit.

Cons rental

Chic wedding dress is of course very good. But just think, you constantly have to watch during the celebration and celebration. Especially careful you should be when you exit the car. If suddenly they made a contract, and the bride suddenly changed her mind to wear the outfit, too, should be paying the fine. Before making the hire agreement should consider all advantages and disadvantages. Also not every girl will be pleased to know that to her this dress was worn one or more brides. And it is possible that the quality of dry cleaning was not at the highest level.

A wedding is a magical moment for any woman. Therefore, after weighing all the arguments, all the positive and negative sides, the wedding will not be a hassle, and will remain a great moment that will be remembered for a lifetime.

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