Восковая депиляция в домашних условияхFor many women removal from the body of unwanted «vegetation» is not cosmetic fancy, but a necessity.

It should be consistent series of visits to a beauty salon. However, modern innovations help implement this procedure, not resorting to specialists.

Home waxing is a cheaper and more convenient analogue of salon treatments. Moreover, it is feasible in any convenient time.

Home waxing better to use a cassette воскоплава that prevents burns as a limited heating temperature.

So, should store:

– professional cluster воскоплавом;

– cassettes for him;

– special paper for hair removal;

– oil to remove the remains of wax.

It is better to use film wax depilation to remove all the unwanted hair from the root.

Technics of performance of a home waxing

First of all, you need to clear skin using a special lotion. A good warm up in воскоплаве wax (this takes about twenty minutes) and put it on the skin in the direction of growing hairs. If you are using a wired cassette similar воскоплава, its security should be disconnected from the power supply.

The plot coated with wax to overlay paper for depilation – strip thoroughly, using pressure, pressed to the body. Next should be the most responsible moment – flick of the strip you want to delete only this process is carried out against the growing hairs. The skin below эпилируемой zone to hold the other hand, what is very important, because the condition of the skin during the depilation should be good stiff. Thus, remove all the hair.

At the end of the procedure is the removal of wax. To do this, you can resort to the use of special oil, but you can use regular linseed oil or olive oil. Oil just applied to the skin with the use of massage movements. If after depilation there is the presence of individual hairs, they must be removed with tweezers. Experts recommend that after three days after the procedure on the treated area to apply the scrub, in order to prevent ingrown hairs.

As can be seen, there is absolutely nothing complicated. And every woman, watching the beauty of her body, can easily do a similar procedure waxing yourself.

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