The smile on nails (in other words – French manicure) looks impressive, but it is restrained and elegant. For the professionals of this type of manicure – lesson easy. But the fans will just have to learn the skill.

The smile on the nails does not lose its popularity, even if in fashion are new trends. This manicure great many dresses and looks very elegant on the nails of medium length.

Manicure can make smile line for 30 minutes. But what if the beauty shop no time or money? One way out: to learn how to do a French manicure yourself. This should be patient, as well as varnish brushes, gel and a special lamp.

Before you draw a smile, you must first prepare nails. To do this as follows steam them in a hot bath with sea salt and essential oils. When the skin around the nail plate (cuticle) will soften, it is necessary to remove a special device. Next, you should align the nails in length and form using an emery Board and, if necessary, scissors. Preparation before applying nail varnish – a necessary process. If you ignore it, manicure can be spoiled because of all the defects that were not removed, after applying varnish will be visible in every detail.

The next step is to prepare the nail plate, which degrease the mandatory (this will allow air to be distributed evenly across the surface) . To do this, use the nail Polish remover and cotton swab. It is important that the composition of the liquid was not acetone, because it can corrode and damage the structure of the nail. For those who do a French manicure independently for the first time, it is important to focus and adjust themselves. Mindfulness and concentration on one thing will help to draw the line smile, because the excitement and experiences can cause trembling of the hands and fingers, respectively, will make a manicure.

Path to smile, which is located on the edge of the nail, you can draw a gel pen or a special thin brush. Hold the line should be carefully and slowly from one edge to another. Don’t worry, if you had been touched skin around the edges of the nail plate: it is easily wiped off and does not spoil manicure. If you are not sure that the edge of a smile will turn smooth, you can use a special pattern, which sell in any Department store. It should be affixed on the nail so that it completely covered the outer edge of the nail plate. After that it is necessary to note the line of future smiles gel pen and paint the white painted or special white gel manicure French, having removed the stencil. Next you need to cover the entire nail plate conventional gel, then dry nails under the lamp. Before concluding his creation, one must carefully consider the semi-complete manicure and fix all bugs, then apply on the nails of the last layer of clear lacquer.

The above option smile on nails is considered a standard. But you can show imagination, making a line drawing of an unusual form: for example, triangular, or oval. Besides, if there is desire and ability, a smile can draw any colour you like, or even a combination of several tones using the figure. Quite rightly, that the most popular was and remains a smile line. What could this mean? It’s simple: the women are always attracted to the ease in which combines elegance, refinement and perfection.

It is important to remember that too flat smile can visually shorten the nail, especially if his plate and without that small. Smile with deep arc able to lengthen the nail. Such nuances consider making manicure.


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