Виктория и Дэвид Бекхэм купили дом за 79 миллионов долларов

David and Victoria Beckham decided to move closer to Duchess Catherine and Prince William and bought a five-storey mansion for $ 79 million near Kensington Palace. Beckham became friends with the Royal family in 2007, and in 2011 they were invited to the wedding of William and Kate.

So, the couple decided not to scrimp: underground Spa, swimming pool and a huge Parking, five bathrooms, a cinema, a library, a restaurant’s kitchen, which was jealous of Jamie Oliver, and several massage rooms.

But the most curious thing is a special “panic room”, which is very popular among wealthy Europeans and Americans. Soundproof walls allow you to relax after a hard day or panic attacks suffered by the residents of Los Angeles. Heavy rhythm of life, what to do. In addition, it is the ideal place where you can hide from нагрянувших robbers.

Seats in the house is enough for all four children Бекхэмов, a “modest” football field will brighten up your leisure time and David and his sons.

Recall that Бекингемский Palace was sold to the a month ago for 9.5 million фунтгов sterling.

Since David and Victoria came back from California, they live in a rented house, but next year will arrange magnificent housewarming.



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