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Виктория и Дэвид Бекхэм празднуют 6-летие дочери Харпер в кругу семьи

Victoria Beckham with daughter Harper

In the coming Monday, July 10, daughter of Victoria and David Beckham’s six-year anniversary. However, the festive party star’s parents arranged for the baby already that day.

For several hours in the social networks of spouses appear photos from the celebration, attended by only the closest. So, on one of the images was captured mother ex-footballer Sandra Georgina West, where the day before, David had attended several matches of the Wimbledon tournament.

Дэвид Бекхэм
David Beckham

Сандра Джоржина Уэст
Sandra Georgina West

However, it is not about tennis, but about Harper and her holiday. What we have in store for her Victoria and David? A lot of surprises and entertainment, of course.

For example, “sweet bread” (this is what many Internet users call Harper) along with his father paint of the pencils are pre-cooked shortbread.

Дэвид Бекхэм

But this is not all, believe that the most interesting birthday yet =)

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